The game has changed. Our old ways of consuming content are transgressing. More video content is being released every day and its the new standard for communicating our daily lives with the rest of the world through snaps and Instagram stories. Video is the most engaging form of media according to recent studies, so it makes sense that you’ll want to save someone else’s memories and claim them as your own from time to time.

The problem remains though – how can I capture what’s on my screen without the other person knowing? What if it’s a live stream? The answer is simple. Use a screen recording app, specifically, DU Recorder. DU Recorder is your best friend and promises not to alert the other party that you’re secretly saving that saucy 3-second snap you received late last night. So what’s it all about? Read on to discover the key features of this app and discover how to get your DU Recorder apk download today.

What is DU Recorder exactly?

Put simply, DU Recorder lets you record any activity on your screen, regardless of restrictions of any apps you’re using. It’s completely free, and is highly robust meaning it won’t crash on you anytime soon. It’s jam-packed full of features and functionality for capturing and editing videos and images. So what exactly can it do?

Key features

DU Recorder provides a supremely smooth and fluid recording experience of your Android screen. With this screen recorder, you can easily record anything from games to video chat to live streams on FaceBook or YouTube. DU Recorder has the following features built into its interface:

Screen recording

  • Multiple resolutions and frame rates that let you capture HD footage depending on your needs
  • Pause or resume your screen recording at any point throughout the process
  • Front facing camera feature lets you record while watching your own head
  • Capture sound from external sources in your environment with the record external sound feature
  • The floating window lets you control the frame for a frameless video effect
  • The moveable menu allows you to use controls and operations at any point during the recording
  • Shake the device to stop recording screen to ensure no interruption on screen
  • Store your video recordings in your SD card or phones internal storage
  • Brush tool lets you draw over your clips
  • GIF maker allows you to turn videos into GIFs for use on social media
  • Use the Live Creator tool to share your recording live on YouTube and other social sites. Perfect for mobile game streaming

Video Editor

  • Use the video editor options to create better clips after you’ve finished recording. Post editing features include:
  • Trim or remove the middle of your recording
  • Combine several videos into one with the merging function
  • Add music from your phone library to the background of videos
  • Have complete control over the volume of the recording, or mute it completely
  • Add some subtitles into your videos of necessary
  • Add a cool outro or intro for a cinematic edge
  • Adjust the speed of each video by slowing it down or speeding it up
  • Rotate, crop and convert any one of your video recordings to GIF

Live Creator

This unique function lets you broadcast your screen as a live stream. Stream to YouTube, Twitch, Facebook and more. Perfect for gaming and keeping your followers up to date with your current activities. DU Recorder gives access to these features to let you stream content with ease:

  • Switch up the resolution of your stream to broadcast at a higher quality depending on your needs
  • Adjust privacy settings to make sure only certain people can access your live streams
  • Interact with your viewers in real time with the integration of live comments
  • Switch to front facing camera at any point during your live stream to let people see the man behind the stream

Screenshots and Image Editing

More than just a video recorder, DU can actually act as an image editor. Take a screenshot with one touch and edit images with a bunch of neat tools built in. You can also share your best screenies or use the image editing tool to stitch pictures and much more.

  • One touch screenshot using the notifications bar
  • Blur your images or pixelate them to censor content
  • Keep only desired parts of your images using the crop feature

Installing DU Recorder on Android

To grab this DU Recorder free download, hit the big green button associated with this review that says ‘Download’. To allow this sacred installation ceremony to take place, however, one must make sure they have enabled downloads from third-party sources on their device. Access this from the setting section of your Android device. Once your apk file is downloaded, open it to install the app.

You’re now on your way to capturing whatever content you can dream of, allowing others to see it with the exact same view that you did on your device.

The bottom line

When it comes to screen recording apps, we personally believe that nobody does it better than the folks over at DU. I mean, these guys are rocking a 4.75-star rating on the Play Store out of 3.5 million downloads! The opinion of others has a lot more weight than marketing collateral as you well know, and this rating is well deserved.

This is a world where we are totally overwhelmed with information. Saturation is rife in every niche and genre you can think of with new content emerging every second before it gets buried just as fast by the ever-flowing mound of media being produced. Capture it before its too late with DU Recorder and who knows, maybe turn it into your own work of art with the app’s neat post-editing tools. If you are looking for a way to record your favorite on-screen content with an app that doesn’t crash and has your back at every turn, look no further and download DU Recorder apk free here. Today. Like right now. That’s it from us folks!