Football is an international language. Wherever you go in the world, you can n end up sat next to a total stranger, and there’s a fair chance you can strike up an impassioned conversation about football – even if you don’t speak each other’s language.

The popularity of the world’s favourite game is unceasing. It’ll keep growing and bringing moments of joy, sadness, jubilation and devastation to fans, season after season.

If you’re a football fan (or, soccer for those living stateside), then you’ve no doubt had your fill of FIFA games on Xbox and Playstation, as well as other games like Pro Evo, Football Manager, and more. Now, Dream League Soccer has come to the small-screen to give you the most intense experiences while bringing your team from the ground to the top position in the league.

You can fill out your squad with pro players from all over the world, and make the best team ever seen in professional football. Bring your team to the world and stun fans from every corner of the globe with your performance as you climb the ranks all the way to the top.

Top Features

There’s so many footie games out there, so what really distinguishes Dream League Soccer from the rest? (aside from the fact that they spelt football wrong in the name). Let’s have a look under the boot and see what makes it tick.

Incredible AI

That’s right, the AI in this title is bloody awesome. With realistic reactions and tactics, you won’t get bored of playing against this brainy computer. This is really refreshing, as there’s nothing worse than getting a new football game then realising that the AI plays like some bottom-of-the-league team.


Take on some of the best players in the world online. You can go up against other teams that have been crafted from the ground up to ensure the best experience possible. Get playing now to solidify your reputation as the top dog.


They’re top-notch. You’ll easily recognise your favourite players on the field in Dream League Soccer. This really makes the whole game feel that much more authentic – try it out now for the best possible experience on Android.

Free to Play

While there are in-app purchases featured in the game, you can still pick it up and play for free now. What a world we live in, where so many of the best games on Android are totally free to play. We’re very grateful to have such a wonderful existence. We’re also grateful for tacos.

Manage Your Team

Are you that guy that yells things at the TV screen when you’re watching your team play? The one who insists in the moment that you could do a way better job of managing things, if they’d just let you step up to the plate (and pay you millions of dollars a year to do so). Well, now you have your chance to put your money where your mouth is and actually give it a go. Let’s see if your words are really worth their weight!


There’s six divisions to climb through, and seven cup competitions to win. You can prove your skills season after season by coming top place in all of them (if you’ve got what it takes).


See who the champ is, and then give it your all to usurp them! You can see all the world’s top players at any given time, and watch your own progress by referring to the leaderboards. How long will it take you to climb up to first place?

Home Turf

Build your very own stadium, make it greater than all the rest by spending your well earnt winnings. You can strut your stuff in style and make some of the world’s best stadiums look like doll houses. What better way to bask in your own glory than build a massive stadium with your team’s name across the front?!


You can sync your progress between different devices to make sure that you always have access to your team, wherever you are. You’ll never have to worry about now being able to play.


You can make your own kits and logos in Dream League Soccer to make your players the part. Create the ultimate kits in Dream League Soccer and have fans all around the world wearing them!

Dream League Soccer Apk Cheats

If you want to get to the top a little quicker, then try out some of these cheats. Bear in mind that these can only be used in offline mode.

Extra Coins: xwDdGcR3nw
Level Up: dAeexajiri

Dream League Soccer Mod Apk – Unlimited Money

If you’re looking for a fool-proof way to make loads of money and upgrade your team to the max, then try downloading the above-mentioned mod. It will make your playing experience a lot easier, although you won’t get the authentic challenge and reward of satisfaction that comes with playing the game as it’s meant to be played.

If you are just looking to have some quick fun, then maybe you will consider downloading this version of the game. It can be found on most apk download sites – although, to install it (seeing as it’s not on Google Play) you’ll need to go to Settings > Security > Allow “Unknown Sources”. This will allow you to install apps that aren’t on the Play Store, so now you can get playing all the best-modded content across the web.

That’s a Wrap!

If you’re looking for an epic football game, then this one is certainly something you should consider. Dream League Soccer is one of the most innovative and realistic football games out there.

We’ve thoroughly enjoyed playing it, and we’re confident you will too. We recommend you play the original, unmodded version – that’s the version we have available for download here. While using a mod can be fun – and, obviously, it’s your choice – the original will give you the fan satisfaction of watching your team climb to the top – and actually deserve to be there!

If you’re looking for that feeling of joy and celebration, then don’t hesitate to download Dream League Soccer apk now.