Watch tons of movies and TV shows for free with Voot APK. If you’re tired of waiting for videos to buffer, then why not download this movie app and give your viewing experience an overhaul. The Voot app by Viacom18 has thousands of titles to choose from and it’s all completely free. So, get the popcorn out and have a look through what Voot has to offer. Get vooting!

What is Voot app?

Voot APK allows you to binge thousands of movies, TV shows and channels for free. The content is mostly of Indian origin, with an extensive list of Bollywood classics to choose from, and no shortage of dramatic soap operas offering an insight into life in the country.

Voot APK is the digital side of Viacom18 – one of India’s fastest growing entertainment networks. It hosts shows from their many channels, including original series and news, notably CNN-News18. It also allows access to MTV India, Nickelodeon and VICE.

On top of this, viewers can watch India’s Colors TV channels, which air in each of the county’s major languages.

The app provides free content to viewers in India and beyond, and supports a wide number of languages, including English.

Features of Voot app

Voot APK has a simple interface geared towards bringing you the best viewing experience. Some of its features include:

Supports various languages: The movies and TV shows on Voot are categorised by genre as well as by language. You can choose from flicks in English, Kannada, Bengali Hindi and even smaller languages like Tulu.

Dedicated kids section

Voot offers a wide range of channels including Nickelodeon and shows like Pokemon and Mr Bean. While most similar apps offer something similar, the choice of cartoons on Voot is interesting as it provides a mix of Western cartoons and Indian ones – if you’re looking for something different to Ben10, then this might just be for you. The kid’s section is also home to bedtime stories and shows for productive activities such as cooking and DIY.

Free to use

The cherry on top of Voot APK is no less than the fact that it’s free to use. Adverts show between programmes meaning that the app can legally provide its content for free while not charging users for the pleasure to stream it.

Sheer content: With more than 50,000 hours of content to browse through, you could essentially spend the next decade of your waking life watching movies and TV shows on Voot and still have some left to explore. So don’t worry about any shortage there…

Live news

The newest update to Voot includes 24-hour live news coverage of CNN-News18, one of India’s most popular news channels, which is considered a window for the world to look into the country and vice-versa

Reality TV

Fans of this genre can rejoice as Voot has a firm grip on providing as binge-worthy reality TV programmes for you to stream. Voot Originals have picked up on the genre, recognising the large niche that it is and producing their own shows to satisfy demand.

Social connection

Once you’ve made an account, you can save favourites, which the application will then use to suggest new content tailored for your preferences. If you really like a movie or TV show then you can share it on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

Neat layout

All the masses of video content on Voot are organised in an easy to digest fashion. Categories are clearly labelled and the application is easy to use.

Downsides of Voot app

While the app has many positives, there are inevitably some problems as well. These are some of the downsides that we’ve found while using it:

Tailored content

It’s no genius guess that to some viewers Voot’s focus on Indian content will be a turn-off. There’s no Game of Thrones here, so if you’re looking for Hollywood, then you’ll have to go somewhere else.


No one likes ads, but some can ignore them, and some can’t. If you’re the kind of person bothered by your viewing being occasionally interrupted by ads, then Voot isn’t your best friend. It’s free, and it’s legal, which means it has ads.

Slow loading times

There have been a fair amount of complaints over slow buffering times on the application, and while this might just be down to slow Wi-Fi, it’s still something worth noting. Voot have claimed that they’re resolving this with each update, so the problem should be improving over time. If you have problems with Voot loading then try re-opening the app, if the problem persists then check your internet connection.

Voot app versus Netflix

So how does Voot hold up against the big fish? Well, first and foremost, it’s limited to more or less exclusively Indian content. If you’re looking to widen your lense for Bollywood movies and Indian soap operas, then this is a great app for you. But you won’t find Breaking Bad or any Hollywood movies here.

To put it simply, Voot app is a very tailored service, you either want it or you don’t.

The general layout of Voot app can hold its own against any of the major streaming apps and websites. Movies and shows are organised in much the same way as BBC iPlayer or Netflix, with clear categorization and picture titles, as well as some featured shows at the top of the page.

Similar to Netflix, Voot has its own ‘Voot Originals’ which they have themselves produced. This content is high budget and includes shows the likes of ‘Feet Up With the Stars’ which sees Vogue India fashion director Anaita Shroff Adajania perform intimate interviews with famous Bollywood stars such as Karah Johar, Kriti Sanon and Malaika Arora.

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Download Voot app on iOS

To download Voot app for iOS simply follow the link in this article. It’s free to download, and once it’s finished you can open it, make an account, and begin viewing 50,000 hours of video content!

Download Voot app on Android

To install on Android, follow the same procedure. Simply follow the link and install. Once it’s finished, open, make an account and begin watching!

Voot is compatible with Android 4.2, 4.2.1, 4.2.2, 4.3 as well as on iOS. It can also be streamed from your browser.


The Voot app is a great source of video content from India and beyond. Viacom18 have done a great job in providing original content through it. If you’re looking to watch Bollywood movies, Indian TV and soaps, or live news and cartoons, then this is the place to go. Much like cable TV, you have to put up with sometimes annoying advertisements, but we feel that this is a fair trade-off to have access to the 50,000 hours of video content available for free on the app.