If you’re tired of paying to watch all your favourite movies and TV shows, then Terrarium TV is your new best friend. This awesome streaming app, compatible with all Android devices, lets you watch it all on a simple and smooth app, with loads of video content, all completely free.

The web is full of apps allowing you to watch movies and TV shows for free, so why are so many people deciding to use Terrarium TV app? In this piece, we’ll cover what the app is, the best and worst attributes of it, how to install it, and ultimately, why it’s totally worth your time.

So why not save on the popcorn – and the Netflix bill – and instead jump onto the Terrarium TV app to get all your motion picture kicks. Ready, action!

How does it work?

Terrarium TV collects links from the internet and automatically plays them through Yesplayer when you choose to watch something – you don’t even notice it happening. You can watch movies and TV shows in up to 4K ultra-HD quality without having to pay or torrent.

The app doesn’t host any of the material itself, which means that it’s not responsible for where the content is. This has some commentators questioning the long-term sustainability of the service, as it could potentially end up streaming pirated material. That being said, using Terrarium TV is 100 percent legal and safe.

While other apps like Showbox and KODI offer a similar service, Terrarium TV APK has become particularly popular due to its ultra-smooth interface and its consistently high-quality video streams.

In fact, Terrarium TV has many slick attributes that set it apart from the competition. Let’s have a closer look at some of them.

Best features

Fast and reliable

The worst part of any streaming site or app is having to wait for videos to buffer when you’re already halfway through a movie. Terrarium TV generally avoids this problem (so long as your internet connection is good). This makes it by far one of the best apps of its kind out there.

Free to use

Terrarium TV is absolutely free. It gets around charging a premium by displaying advertisements on the app screen, and occasionally at the beginning of streams.

Massive collection

Browsing through Terrarium TV’s library will leave you more than satisfied. The number of shows and movies available for streaming will ensure that you don’t have to spend another night looking for links to watch that obscure movie you once heard about.

Full HD

Terrarium TV shows all of its streams in HD quality, including 1080p, HD 720p and 4K video sources, thus providing a smooth and memorable streaming experience – perfect for watching a movie on a Friday night.


You can also select from a long list of languages to get subtitles. This is great for watching foreign cinema and saves you the trouble of having to manually download a subtitle file.

Mark watched episodes

Don’t get confused about where you are in your favourite TV series, instead, simply mark the ones that you’ve already watched. When you come back a couple of weeks later to continue watching you’ll know exactly where you left off.


Terrarium TV offers you timely updates to ensure that the servers are continuing to function properly and that any bugs are fixed before they affect users viewing experience.

Offline downloading

Terrarium TV allows you to download movies to your local storage to watch later. This is great for when you want something to watch while on a long commute, or simply as a backup for when you don’t have access to the internet.


Not everything about Terrarium TV APK is worth raving about – there are some elements of the service that are less positive. Let’s have a look:

The possibility of piracy

While it’s totally legal and safe to use Terrarium TV, the app itself doesn’t necessarily check all of the sources that it gathers content from, meaning you could potentially be watching pirated material. While this won’t land you in any trouble, it might cross a moral line if you’d rather avoid watching un-copyrighted material.

Questionable future

Given what we just mentioned above, it is possible that Terrarium TV could end up on the wrong side of internet service providers (ISPs) and the Hollywood film industry. If this happens then it’ll likely be shut down.

Might need VPN

Most people recommend that you use a VPN if you’re using Terrarium TV or any similar streaming service. This is due to the grey legality of the process and is just a precaution rather than a necessary requirement.

No way to remove ads

Seeing as there’s no premium version of Terrarium TV you have no option to get rid of adverts, which is slightly annoying, but only if you don’t consider the fact that it’s free.

No live TV

You can’t watch live TV on Terrarium TV, some alternative streaming sites have this option, although it is rare. Terrarium TV falls under the category that doesn’t allow this due to the complex legal requirements of showing live shows.

How to install Terrarium TV

To download and install the latest version of the Terrarium TV app on Android press the button at the end of this article. You’ll have to go into your Settings > Security > Allow Unknown Sources. Once the file has downloaded go to Downloads and open it. Agree to the terms and it will run.

You can follow the same installation process to download Terrarium TV on the Kindle Fire, Firestick, or PC. To install on PC you’ll first need to install an Android emulator app such as BlueStacks. Once this is on your PC simply press the link at the end of this article, then right-click it once it’s downloaded and select ‘Open in BlueStacks’. Once it’s open you can enjoy all the benefits of Terrarium TV on your PC

We advise you to be very careful when downloading Terrarium TV from other websites as many of them are copycats seeking to steal your personal information.


Overall, Terrarium TV is a great app for watching your favourite movies and TV shows, and you should certainly consider using it over similar services. The high-def videos and easy to access subtitles, combined with the sleek look and the fact that it’s completely free mean that you won’t be looking anywhere else for your weekend movie kicks.