Showbox is a free video stream software that provides seemingly endless high-definition and up-to-date content without disruptive ads or even the need to sign-up. The entertainment app comes with tons of unique features and can be used on most platforms, making it one of the best streaming apps on the market at the moment. Download the Showbox .apk file for Android, Showbox .ipa file for iOS, or install Showbox on your PS4 and PC to start streaming immediately. Don’t wait to catch up with your favourite TV shows and the latest cinema movies – let’s go!

What is Showbox APK?

Showbox is a free application that gives you access to thousands of hours of movies, TV shows, documentaries, Western and Asian cinema, and more, as long as you’re connected to the internet. It provides unhindered access to high-quality digital media and doesn’t ask for anything in return. In short, Showbox is like the partner you always wished you had but never found!

Not only can you stream high-quality media content on Showbox, but you can also save and download it directly onto your device to watch later, all for free. Showbox has got your back for all your lazy weeknights!

The app is easy to install and gets up and running immediately after installation. Users don’t have to pay for a premium package and don’t even have to make an account, so you can stay anonymous and not have to worry about your information being sold on to third parties.

Features of Showbox APK

Showbox prides itself on being one of the best video apps out there. It’s smooth running features and constant updates combined with its lack of ads and charges makes it a solid contender to its competitors like Netflix and Megabox. Here are some great features of Showbox apk:

No ads

None whatsoever, including pop-ups. Showbox knows that you want to watch your favourite movies, TV shows and documentaries, not adverts. We’d much rather be watching shows than a commercial for washing detergent, and so would you.

Totally free

No hidden fees, no premium package, no selling off your data. Showbox is free at the point of use, and as far as we can tell it always will be.

Smooth interface

Showbox is fun to use. The attention to detail suggests that the developers care a lot about user experience. There are minimal bugs and the coding is regularly updated to ensure the smoothest possible layout.

Easy to use

Even grandma can use Showbox, each genre is neatly categorised, and the app works smoothly with a handheld device or on the TV screen. It’s evident that the developers designed Showbox with its users in mind.

Downloadable content

The entertainment cinema app not only lets you stream videos but also allows you to download content onto your device to save for later. This addition is what sets them apart from much of the competition.

No sign-up

Showbox doesn’t require you to search your brain for a username and password, and it doesn’t require you to give any information for signing up. You can simply log on and away you go, watching until your heart is content and your eyes are square.

How to download movies on Showbox

Downloading movies and TV shows on Showbox is very simple. All you have to do is open the app, choose something to watch, select the quality, and then click download. You can go into the downloads folder after this to check on the progress of the download. Boom.

Downsides of Showbox

While Showbox is a great choice for watching movies, live music, TV shows and more, it should be noted that doing so isn’t necessarily legal. This is without a doubt the biggest downside of the app. It should be noted that it’s not illegal to download Showbox, and it’s not necessarily unsafe to use it, but downloading any copyrighted content without the proper license is illegal, as most web users are well aware of. However, this has never slowed down the hordes of people illegally downloading films and music before. We’d still recommend that you think before using it.

How to Download & Install for iPhone and Android

Showbox is currently not listed on Google Play Store or the Apple App Store, but downloading it is straightforward nonetheless. Follow these simple steps to install it onto your Android or iOS device:

First, turn on “unknown sources” on your device settings > Security > click Unknown Sources. This is to ensure the download is not thwarted by a firewall. Next, follow the link in this article to begin downloading the app. These steps should work with most devices although some may require a slightly different process.

Once the file is downloaded you simply need to locate it on your device and open it to complete the installation – this may take a few minutes, and you will be notified when it is complete.

After that, you can begin watching all your favourite movies, TV shows, music and more!

Downloading and Installing on PC

Similar to mobile, downloading Showbox on PC isn’t as straightforward as a single click, however, the process is relatively easy and quick all the same.

First, you’ll have to install BlueStacks – an application which allows Android applications to be played on a Microsoft computer. You can install BlueStacks by following this link.

Once you’ve got that down, follow this link to install Showbox onto your PC. When the download is complete open the file using BlueStacks APK installer. Now run BlueStacks Android Emulator and click the Showbox icon to run it on your PC. Easy as pie.

Having problems running Showbox?


If you see this, then you must have downloaded an outdated version of the app. You can download the latest version of Showbox from the button at the bottom of this article.

Settings on device

The settings on your device can get in the way of the installation. Make sure you go to Settings > Security > and check that “Unknown Sources” is switched on.

Technical issues

Make sure your device has enough space (Showbox takes up around 40MB on average). Make sure you’re using Android 4.0 or above.

Refusing to run

If the app has downloaded but doesn’t run properly, then try resetting your Wi-Fi and trying again, or switching to mobile data if you’ve got enough to spare. You can also go on Settings > App Manager > Showbox > and clear the cache and data.


Overall, Showbox is a great free alternative to streaming sites like Netflix, with a large library of movies and TV shows to choose from, as well as live music and more. The lack of ads and payments makes it a popular choice for many movie fans. While it is a fantastic app, it’s always worth noting that you use it at your own risk as downloading content without the proper licenses can land you with a fine or worse.