Undoubtedly the king of streaming movies and TV shows, Netflix can be used over most platforms and has an extensive library to choose from, including its own Netflix Original productions. By 2015, Netflix accounted for almost 37 percent of all prime-time internet traffic in North America. Netflix and chill, anyone?

Since its launch in 1997 as a DVD home rental delivery service, Netflix has climbed the ladder to become of the most prolific media entertainment companies in the world, with its online streaming service being used by more than 130 million people. Netflix apk allows you to legally watch movies, TV series, cartoons and more on an incredibly easy-to-navigate interface. It also gives subscribers detailed content suggestions based on what they watch and allows you to save your favourite flicks to come back to later.

Netflix is a subscriber-only platform, with fees averaging around US$10 per month to watch all of its content. You can spend hours every evening enjoying HD quality flicks and have access to the best Netflix Originals over several devices. Why wait any longer?

In this piece, we’ll cover how to register for Netflix, how much it costs, how to watch movies and TV shows online on Netflix, as well as how to watch Netflix offline. We’ll also cover some neat tricks and tips for you to make the most out of it.

How to use Netflix

Once you’ve made an account you’ll be able to browse through all the content available in the Netflix library. It will ask you some questions at first to try to get an understanding of what movies and TV shows you like, and then offer you new ones similar to those.

The easiest way to get started is simply to search for a film or TV show that you want to watch, if it’s on Netflix then it will appear as a title and picture, select it and then you can begin watching. The more you watch, the more Netflix will be able to fine-tune content to suit you.

Netflix subscribers are billed every month, with payments taken directly from your bank account, unfortunately, you cannot use it for free.

Fees per month

Netflix begins at just $7.99 per month in the U.S. for the single stream, standard definition package. The dual stream, high definition package is $8.99 per month, and the four stream, 4K ultra-HD package is $11.99 per month.

While prices are different around the world they are usually similar to the U.S. fees. Netflix has announced that it will begin raising the monthly fees slightly in the near future, although existing subscribers won’t be affected for the next two years.

Best features of Netflix


With almost 15,000 titles to choose from including movies, TV shows, documentaries, cartoons and world cinema, Netflix has no shortage of binge-worthy content. New content is always being added and is displayed on the homepage every week for users to explore.

Netflix originals

Netflix has become a major production company in its own right, producing, co-producing and distributing 700 original titles by the end of 2018. Netflix is set to spend US$8 billion on producing content this year alone. Some of the most prominent Netflix titles are House of Cards, Orange is the New Black and Sense8. Netflix Originals are widely considered to be among the best films and TV shows in their library.


Netflix can be used on most devices, with the APK version for Android, the app for iOS and Smart TVs, and the website for laptops, there’s virtually nowhere you can’t tune in.

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30-day free trial

New users can enjoy all the films and entertainment they want uninterrupted for 30 days, completely free. This is a great deal by Netflix and allows you to really decide whether or not you’re willing to commit to paying for it afterwards. It’s also just long enough to make you miss it too much after getting rid of it, so be careful if you truly are trying to watch your spending.


Netflix doesn’t just keep track of what you watch, it also keeps note of what you rated highly, and what you said you didn’t like. If you rate shows on Netflix you’ll gradually build up an accurate profile of your viewing taste for Netflix to use to bring to the best new movies and shows it thinks you’ll love.

Offline viewing

You can now download shows and movies to watch them later on while you’re offline. This great little addition is perfect for watching Netflix while commuting on the bus or just when the Wi-Fi dries out.

Cross-device viewing

Once you have a Netflix account you can watch it on your laptop, your Smart TV, and your console, or you can download this movie app on your phone and tablet, and use the same account from each of them. You can even stream separate things on them at the same time using the same account.

Simple interface

Using Netflix is a breeze – the interface is very simple and works well on all platforms including PC, Mac, iOS, Android, Smart TV and more. The titles look great and everything is very clearly categorised. Netflix suggests movies and TV shows similar to the ones you select so you can explore more of that particular genre in the future.

Parental controls

If you’re streaming Netflix for the whole family then you might want to make sure you’re kids aren’t able to see the more mature content. Netflix has impenetrable parental controls so you don’t ever have to worry about the young ones having their brains warped!

Clean break-up

If you decide to stop using Netflix at any point then your viewing history, preferences and saved content will remain untouched for 10 months. You can go back and start from where you left off at any point during that period.

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Netflix isn’t perfect, of course, here are some areas that could be improved:

Current TV shows

Netflix usually adds TV shows once a whole season has already been aired, meaning you can’t catch up with your favourite flicks while they’re the hot talk.

Don’t have it all

They also require rights to stream shows, meaning they don’t always have everything you’re looking for.

The not-American version

There are distinct differences between the U.S. Netflix library and well… everywhere else’s. In fact, the U.S. Netflix is so sought-after that a lot of people download a VPN so that they can register their account there when they actually live in a different country.

How to watch American Netflix outside the U.S.

Obviously, you’re not going to do this… but for purely educational purposes here’s how you’d go about using a VPN to watch the American Netflix in a different country.

First, download a VPN such as NordVPN (paid service) or Tunnel Bear (limited free service). Once you have an account you can select the United States in the countries list. Now log into Netflix again and you can browse as if you were in the U.S.

Tips for using Netflix

There are lots of neat little tricks that most Netflix users are completely unaware of, here’s how to really make the most of the streaming service.

Preview new flicks

You can go to your Account > Test Participation > turn on ‘Include me in tests and previews’ to see certain new movies and TV shows before they air on Netflix.

Log others out

There’s an unwritten rule that no one has Netflix without letting at least one of their friends use their account. If that friend starts getting a bit too busy with it then you can go to your Account page and press Sign Out of All Devices. No more Netflix for them.

Netflix codes

You can use special codes on the Netflix website to unlock special sub-genres for more specific content. If you want to know how to use Netflix codes, as well as where to get the codes themselves, you can find out more at ogres-cypt.com.

Custom subtitles

You can customise the subtitles to appear more clearly on-screen. There’s nothing worse than watching a movie set in a forest at night and the subtitles are coded black… Go to your Account menu and select Subtitle Appearance.

Make requests

You can make a request to Netflix to include your favourite movies and TV shows that aren’t already available on the service – maybe some of them were just overlooked, who knows?! Visit help.netflix.com/en/TitleRequest to make a request.

How to add movies to the queue

To add movies to your queue on Netflix just click on the ‘+’ symbol in the bottom right corner – this will add the movie to your queue. To remove it simply click the ‘-’ icon in the same position.

How to register for Netflix

To get the Netflix app just follow the link at the bottom of this article, press download and wait for the app to install. Once it’s complete you can sign in – you’ll need to subscribe for Netflix to stream on the app.

To use Netflix on your PC or Mac simply go to the Netflix website and begin streaming. You can also install it on a smart TV.

How to install Netflix on a Smart TV

First of all, it’s important to know whether your TV is a Smart TV or not. A Smart TV can connect to your home network and therefore can support apps like Netflix. Most Smart TVs built after 2012 come with Netflix pre-installed, but if yours doesn’t have it then don’t worry, the process installation is very simple.

First, turn on your Smart TV and connect it to your home network by either connecting an ethernet cable or by connecting to your Wi-Fi. Next, go to Smart TV Apps and select the Netflix app. Open Netflix and begin browsing, it really is that simple.

Why isn’t my Netflix working?

If your Netflix isn’t working then the first thing you should check is that your billing is paid to date. If for any reason Netflix cannot take the monthly fee out of your account they will stop you from being able to stream until the issue is resolved.

Assuming this is not the issue then your problem might be to do with your connection. Try turning off Netflix and restarting your wireless router. Wait for 30 seconds and then turn it back on.

On rare occasions, the Netflix servers are met with a bug, you can check whether the servers are up or not by going to help.netflix.com. If other people in your area are also having problems then contact Netflix support.

How to cancel Netflix

If the love-affair ends, then fear not, cancelling your Netflix subscription is as easy as buying it in the first place.

First sign into Netflix, then go to your Account by clicking on your portrait in the top right of the screen. Once there you’ll see “Cancel Membership” under Membership & Billing. Click it, and then click confirm. Netflix will keep your data for 10 months after you cancel in case you decide to come back.


Netflix is by all means one of the best streaming services available. It’s compatibility with most devices and the sheer range of content available make it a formidable foe to similar services on the web. For just a small monthly fee you can revolutionise your entertainment experience. So, dim the lights and get the popcorn ready, and tune into the best Netflix films and TV shows now!