Mobdro, or Mobdro Pro, is a free movie streaming APK for Android. Its recent emergence has had many pundits questioning if it signals the death of its major competitor, Kodi. While Kodi offers a very similar service, also for free, it has come under fire recently for its liberal stance on copyright violations.

Mobdro isn’t much better for this, the app is essentially a database that collects free streams from the Internet, legal or otherwise, and neatly arranges them for you to access. The mobile app has been careful to state in its terms and conditions that none of the content displayed is its own – everything is put on there by third parties, and therefore the responsibility of copyright sits with the said third parties. Mobdro itself is perfectly safe and legal to use.

The app is arranged in two sections: one is free videos from sites such as YouTube, nature and various webcam streams, and the other is focussed on streams of movies, TV shows, and various channels showing sports and more.

Why Mobdro?

When comparing Mobdro to Kodi and other platforms and mobile apps like Netflix or Showbox, it stands on high ground, but perhaps doesn’t manage to overtake its larger cousins.

In fact, it’s possible to combine Kodi with Mobdro by streaming the latter directly through Kodi. This has become a popular option for users looking to download a reliable streaming platform as it combines both Mobdro TV and the various other features and channels available on Kodi.

With regard to Netflix, Mobdro has the distinct advantage of access to more video. Netflix is restricted in terms of when it can release a new movie or TV series, whereas Mobdro can connect to a stream (perhaps pirated) of the latest cinema movies and TV shows as they’re released on TV. It also has the bonus of additional content such as YouTube videos integrated into its framework.

On the other hand, the legality of both Mobdro and Kodi do have to be taken into consideration. With this issue on the agenda, it’s possible that both apps won’t survive into the next decade – whereas Netflix almost certainly will.

Overall, it might be wise to consider combining Mobdro with Kodi to ensure the best experience and the most access to unique content.

Best features of Mobdro APK

Mobdro certainly has some attractive features, its rising popularity in the last year is a testament to this fact. Here are some of our favourites:

Live stream TV channels

What really sets Mobdro apart from much of the competition is the ability to watch high-quality live TV streams – including Mobdro sports, which features all the biggest fixtures. This is a feature that can be found elsewhere, but Mobdro does execute it to a noticeably higher standard. Top marks there.

Simple and elegant interface

Using Mobdro feels nice. Period. It’s well structured and you rarely, if ever, feel confused when using it. The categorisation is on point, and the whole thing just looks sleek and welcoming. The fact that it’s customised to Android makes it very tailored, and using it on a PC is also pleasant.


There’s no such thing as a free lunch, but there is such a thing as a free streaming platform. There is the option to pay for Mobdro premium, which gives access to additional content and removes ads. This optional addition is sort of a pro in itself as it gives the user more choice.

High resolution

Mobdro HD would be a more appropriate name for this APK. The resolution of movies and TV shows, in particular, is consistently very high, which is a breath of fresh air when considering the often low quality of other similar apps and websites.

Downsides of Mobdro APK

While Mobdro has its perks, unfortunately, there are some very noticeable downsides too. If you’re an iPhone or iPad owner then you might as well stop ready, the party is already over for you.

Lack of compatibility

Mobdro was designed specifically to be used on Android devices, and while it can also be used on a PC, Mac, Xbox One and PS3/PS4, other devices will not be able to use it. This is hopefully something that the publishers are considering, and in any case, it’s very likely that we’ll see an iOS-friendly version in the near future. Here’s to that!

Grey legality

Yahhh matey. Mobdro has been accused of being a loophole for pirated material- which is illegal. Pirates are illegal. While the APK itself is absolutely legal to download, the amount of material available lends itself to the inevitable fact that some of it is of dubious origin.


As tends to be the way with anything free on the internet, Mobdro does use ads to make up some revenue in return for its service. While they’re not the end of the world, they are noticeable.

How to download and install for Android

Downloading the latest version of Mobdro Pro APK free for Android couldn’t be easier: Just follow the link at the bottom of this article to install. If it doesn’t work then, go on your Settings > Security > Unknown Sources and turn on unknown sources.

Once it’s installed you can start viewing millions of videos, movies, TV shows, live streams and more.

How to download and install for PC and Mac

Getting Mobdro APK free on PC or Mac is almost as simple, although there are some extra steps. Seeing as the APK is designed for Android, you’ll need an Android emulator on your PC before you try to install Mobdro. We recommend BlueStacks.

To install this emulator, simply type BlueStacks into your browser and install, then follow the link in this article to download Mobdro Pro APK. Once it’s downloaded, go to the file and open it with the modulator (BlueStacks).

Once installed, open your modulator and go to Apps, then open it up and away you go!

How to download on PS3/PS4 and Xbox One

Mobdro APK free for PlayStation and Xbox One is technically not possible to install on the device itself, however, with a quick and simple trick, it can be connected to your Android device and watched through the games console.

First, download Mobdro APK on your Android device. Next, you’ll have to download the Pixel Media Software app on your Android device.

The Pixel Media Software app is a multimedia software which allows you to cast apps off your phone onto other devices. Run the app from your Android, download the video you want to watch and then turn on Pixel. Turn on your console and go to Media Player – as both the Media Player and Pixel run off the DNLA network they’ll recognise each other. Simply click on the app through the media player and it will appear.

Mobdro on Smart TV

Downloading Mobdro on your Smart TV is easy too – just click the button at the end of this article to download – make sure you’ve allowed downloads from unknown sources (same process as on Android), then locate the file folder, open and install, and you’re ready for the big screen. Easy.

Any relationship between Mobdro and Kodi?  You can easily get interesting information about Mobdro Kodi right on our website.


All things considered, Mobdro is a great app. While it can be a little complicated to use Mobdro on a wide number of devices, doing so is totally worth it. The possibility of combining it with the Kodi app only makes it more interesting. Get watching!