KingRoot APK allows you to root your Android device with just one click. The free app opens up your device to its full potential, allowing you to customise literally everything, right down to the core fundamentals of its operating system (OS). This is an app for all the geeks out there.

What is rooting?

You may have heard of rooting a device before – it’s commonly talked about by the tech community, and is the equivalent of jailbreaking an iOS device. It means that you can install software your developer restricted access to, including apps, skins, and all kinds of tweaks to the OS. It essentially gives you the same access over your phone as you’d have as the administrator on a computer – you’re removing the restrictions that the operator put on the phone.

Rooting your Android will definitely level you up in the world of geekdom – it’s something commonly done by hackers to turn their device into a technological weapon. But there’s a catch: If you’re going to do this, then you should at least know what you’re going to do with your device after it’s rooted. This takes some nerdy know-how and failing to customise your device effectively could result in it being ‘bricked’ – or in simple English: Dying and never working again, and thus being about as useful as a brick.

So now you understand what rooting is, let’s look at some of the pros and cons of actually doing it:

Benefits of rooting

All the apps

Literally, all of them. Once your phone is rooted, you can install any app that anyone has ever made, so long as it’s compatible with your device. This opens your phone up to some very cool and geeky stuff. You can fool Google into thinking you’re in another country to get around that pesky “This app isn’t available in your country” message. You can hook up a gaming controller to play games. You can even control who can call you and when.

Latest updates

You can download the latest carrier updates as soon as they’re released, meaning you no longer have to wait months before Google finally decides that you’re worthy of a security update. These downloads often come with some extra features too.

Remove bloatware

Get rid of those useless pre-installed apps that do literally nothing of any practical use. Bloatware eats up a fair amount of space on your phone – kill ‘em all.

Optimise your phone

You can download kernels (essentially these communicate with your OS, telling it how to behave) to speed up your phone or focus on preserving battery life. They can also do a mix of both, giving you premium processing power when you’re using intensive apps, and going full power-saver mode when the screen is off.

Custom skin

not a fan of the bulky look of the Android skin? Then get rid of it. Rooting your device means you can install a wide variety of customisable skins, some of which feature slight modifications, and some of which are totally unique and look nothing like Android.

Free Wi-Fi hotspot

By downloading Wireless Tether, you can set use your phone’s wireless hotspot for free.

Backup everything

Rooting allows you to back up everything from every application you use, including your progress in games and all the content stored in your files.

Cool geek stuff

This is just a hypothetical suggestion: Once your device is rooted, you could essentially sign onto fake wireless networks and hack stuff. But we’re not going into the details of that, it’s generally illegal and shouldn’t be done. It also poses risks for your own security.

Custom OS

You can install a custom OS which changes the way you behave – it’s worth noting that some apps might not be compatible with a custom OS.

For more tips and tricks, you can refer to Rooting your Android phone with KingRoot, a guide for beginner.

Downsides and risks

While rooting opens up a whole new world of opportunities for your phone, it does also come with some genuine risks. If you’re not in the know, then you could put your personal data at risk, or destroy your phone altogether. Here’s what to look out for:


Rooting your device is not something that your carrier’s operator wants you to do. It is illegal in several countries, so you should check the potential consequences before attempting to do it.

Voids warranty

If you just spend $800 on a new phone, then you might not want to root it so quickly – doing so is the equivalent of tearing up your warranty and throwing it in the bin… And then setting the bin on fire. You can unroot your device and uninstall KingRoot, and in some cases, this won’t affect your warranty – this is a shot in the dark though.

Can break your phone

This is known as ‘bricking’ your phone. If you mess up the installation, you risk turning your phone into something about as useful as a genuine, real-life brick – with all the exciting features that come with a brick.


Rooting can be a bit of a pain in the backside. Some operating systems will require constant tinkering in order to keep them compatible with your apps and so on.

Your IQ

This takes us to the next crucial point: Rooting your device is easy. Knowing what to install on a rooted device is not so easy. This is something that requires some knowledge of software, operating systems and crucially security.

Vulnerable to attacks

While you can install malware protection – and this is absolutely necessary after rooting – you won’t automatically be getting updates from Google. These updates are designed to combat specific threats as they emerge, and missing out on them could put you at risk of being hacked, having your data stolen and unwittingly downloading malware. Your phone is a library of personal information, make sure you protect it.

How to install KingRoot APK

If after reading the pros and cons, you’re still keen to check out rooting, then follow these steps to download the latest version. We do recommend that you try this on a secondary device first rather than your everyday carrier.

First, turn on your PC – it’s best to root from a PC. Click the download button at the bottom of this article, once it’s installed, connect your Android device to the computer via a USB cable. Follow the guide on how to turn on debugging mode and connect your Android to your computer. Next just click “Start to Root”. It’s as simple as that.

It’s ABSOLUTELY essential that you have a lot of battery while doing this – if your device runs out of battery halfway through rooting, then it will brick. We also recommend backing it up first.

If you are looking for an app similar to Kingroot, you are highly recommended to explore Kingo Root.


Overall, KingRoot APK is a great app for rooting your Android. The main concerns to be addressed are ensuring that you know enough about what you’re doing before going on this endeavour. If you choose to do it, then the possibilities are pretty much endless!