Give a man a pen and paper and the first thing he shall do is doodle. You see, doodling can be defined as scribbling absent-mindedly and is a great way to express yourself through your subconscious mind. As soon as pen hits paper many weird and wonderful things can come out.

Doodling progressed to a digital format in the form of Paint for old school windows operating systems. Those days were simpler, and we could easily be satisfied sitting for hours on windows 98 drawing random lines and coloring them in like some sort of primitive collage with no form or meaning. It’s been said to stop your mind from slipping into its default state, it can improve your memory and make you more creative. All the while kicking stress in the ass.

Nowadays, it’s transgressed even further with the development of mobile games. We see plenty of games coming out with every more stunning graphics. But there’s a whole new wave of games being developed that bring graphics right back to basic doodle styles and 8-bit simplicity. One such game is Doodle Army 2: mini Militia. It’s a free multiplayer shooter game with endearing cartoon graphics and plenty of capacity for fun among friends.

Shooter games also provide an unparalleled amount of fun, and are the most popular genre of games ever. Period. In fact, the first game ever created was a shooter called SpaceWars! back in the 1960s. We saw the popularity of GoldenEye all the way up Call of Duty and Counter Strike. Just as doodling has many benefits for the brain, so do shooter games. Stress relief, improved cognition and reflexes are to name a few. So despite the fact that they may mostly satisfy an adolescent need for power, they still have great benefits.

Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia gets rid of overly complex gameplay and elements, providing a simple game with intuitive controls that won’t force you to think too hard to get your shooting fix. Read on to find out how and why you should download mini militia new version today.

What you need to know

The mini militia game has a total of six player matches and a huge variety of weapons to choose from. Survival mode and co-op mode allow you to team up with friends and respectfully shoot your doods in the back if you wish.

A fast-paced shooter

Developed in the same style as the original Doodle Army, Doodle Army 2 offers similar 2d doodle like visuals and stick man figures that made its predecessor so popular. Of course, improvements have been made to the original game in terms of functionality and gameplay. Gaming sessions are generally short with a focus on providing fun through quick bursts of violence.

Simple gameplay

The style of gameplay revolves around navigating with jet packs in a 2D environment. You must use weapons to kill other players while making full use of controls. The combat style is simple and to the point, and games are frantic, leading to sudden deaths and just as quick victories. Doodle Army 2 is awesome to pick up occasionally for some mindless fun. There are options to unlock weapons and abilities through in-app purchases but it certainly isn’t needed to enjoy the game.

Drop in

The beauty of Doodle Army 2 game is the ability to drop in anytime without the need to follow a complex plot or storyline. This makes it perfect for office breaks, work commutes and pre-bedtime trigger happy individuals. It may be limited in terms of variety but consider this a unique selling point.

Multiplayer bonanza

Multiplayer can be played up to 12 players if connected to WiFi. Connect with friends and blow each other up or face opponents from across the globe together. Levels are pretty wide and give you plenty of room to escape the enemy if needed.

Is it free?

It certainly is. We stand by the statement that paying for upgrades isn’t necessary to drop in and enjoy the game. If you want to do so however, in-app purchases can get you some sweet weapon upgrades like rocket launchers, snipers, custom avatars and dual wield ability. We recommend you don’t open your wallet so easily though, these game developers want you to hand over your hard earned cash in exchange for comforts!

How to install

Go ahead and smash the big green ‘Download’ button at the top of this article. This will either direct you to a credible source for downloading this awesome game or will prompt you to start an APK file download. If this is the case, you’ll need to enable downloads from unknown sources in the settings section of your Android device. When this is done, open the APK file and press install. You can safely delete the APK file after installing to save room on your device. This will not affect the gameplay in any way.

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This game is fun for the occasional pick up and is worth your download. It’s reminiscent of Worms for PlayStation 1 in its controls and graphics. The game has close to 5 stars out of nearly 2 million on Google Play and reviews are largely positive. There are of course a few negative haters trying to soil its name, but this is standard in the realm of the internet.

At only 50MB in size, we’re advising you grab this one as soon as possible. It won’t take up too much room on your device and there’s plenty of opportunity to satisfy your itch to shoot your mates up. So go ahead and grab your doodle army 2 download now. We’re just going to assume you have nothing better to do with your time.

Just do it. Just doodle.