Donut County on Android is a puzzle game where you control an ever-larger hole to swallow up trash, cars, donuts and buildings. And people… The hole is the work of BK, a racoon who runs a donut shop. Ever since the racoons moved into town these holes have been swallowing everything up and ruining people’s lives. Fulfill your dreams – be a hole.

The game’s designer essentially made this comic masterpiece to demonstrate how you can go around your whole life and then gradually realize that you’re actually an asshole. Yes, the game’s plot is basically all the other characters trying to convince BK that he’s an asshole for swallowing their entire town and making them live 999 feet underground at the bottom of his stupid hole. BK, of course, perceives himself as the one who’s been wronged, and refuses to accept responsibility for his actions. What an asshole.

What’s this Donut County apk game all about, anyway?

You control the hole, or to put it more accurately, you control BK controlling the hole. Your job is to move the hole around Los Angeles and swallow up everything in your path without remorse – including your friends and their houses. The more you swallow up, the bigger your hole becomes.

But it’s not all just sucking things in – you can also spit things back out the hole to solve riddles that you come across, or just to cause havoc by throwing cars at people. Some things will move around desperately trying to avoid you, but that’s okay, you’re probably faster than them.

At the beginning of the game, you’re down the bottom of the hole with everyone else – it starts at the end and slowly works backwards through the other character’s stories about how they ended up at the bottom of the 999 foot deep pit of arrogance and pride created by a racoon. You can interact with them in hilarious cutscenes and choose responses to their gibberish as they try to make you realize that what you did was wrong. Stupid humans and their morals. Racoons need no morals.

As you move around engulfing the entire Los Angeles country, you’ll gradually become so large and unstoppable that you’ll just be sat back, therapeutically watching as civilization empties its trash into your pockets. You can then view all your trash in the Trashopedia, where each object is given a description, such as “Candle: Really bad version of the sun. Tastes OK.”

Naturally, this game will keep you entertained with its witty gags and ridiculous storyline.

Donut County Walkthrough

The game is actually a complex physics game, even though it comes across as fairly simple with it’s accessible gameplay. That being said, some of the puzzles require a neat bit of thinking and the utilization of some trash items as projectiles to get past certain stages.

Each stage involves you swallowing everything you can until you’re big enough to eat up a house or building full of people. To maximise the amount of trash that you get, make sure you do this after getting everything else as the stage ends once you’ve gobbled up the house.

You can use a catapult in the later stages of the game. This really allows the puzzle aspect of the whole thing to come into play. Use your catapult to shoot trash at objects with devastating and sometimes hilarious results.

Everything in the game can be eaten, including the trees, animals, cars and more, so try to gobble up as much as possible on your quest to have all the county’s trash in your glorious possession… for some reason that only a racoon could really elaborate on.

Best Features of Donut County puzzle game

Donut County is a puzzle game brimming with great gameplay and funny interactions. Let’s have a look at some of the most admirable features of this game.


The sheer ridiculousness of the storyline is pure pleasure. What other puzzle game has you doing such bizarre things while playing as a racoon? Top points in this field.


The interactions between the characters are witty and makes jibes at the flaws of modern inhabitants of Los Angeles – a city consumed with false pretenses and ignorant mumble-jumble. The game does a glorious job at attacking these flaws while not coming across as bitter and resentful. The characters hatred of the racoon and their attempts to get him to see why he’s such a jerk are really stunning points of the game’s treasure chest of plus points.


The simple and some could say ‘calming’ gameplay isn’t overly complicated and doesn’t really require too much in the way of brain power. The aim here is more to entertain that to pop a vein trying to solve a complex formula. Moving your hole around and swallowing up the whole of Donut County is simple and fun, and as mentioned above, the characters and their interactions with one another are humorous enough to keep you subtly glued to the game.


The look and style of the game are visually pleasing, adding to the sense of satisfaction that the player gets when undertaking tasks within it. It’s the little details that really make it stand out, and this isn’t just true for the graphics, but also for the way that the player can interact with the environment.


You can swallow corn, for example, then if you swallow something hot afterwards popcorn will fly out of your hole. This attention to detail really gives the game an edge over other titles lumped into the same genre.

How to Download Donut County

To download Donut County on Android, you’ll have to pay $4.99 on Google Play Store. Unfortunately, you can’t really get around this. It’s worth mentioning, however, that the game was for the most part developed by one guy over the course of several years. For that reason, you’ve got to admit that five bucks is a fair price to pay.

If you’re interested, then press the button at the top of the page and you’ll be taken to the Play Store where you then just need to press ‘install’ (assuming you’ve already got a Google account… If not, then set one up, it only takes a couple of minutes).

We hope you enjoy playing this awesome puzzle game from Annapurna Interactive.