Discord can accurately be compared to Skype, with one key difference. Discord apk app was designed for online gamers to have a private platform to communicate during live gameplay. That being said, Discord can be used for anything from small group meetings to online class communication. It’s a message board, a chat lobby and a VoIP serviced all rolled into one designed with gamers in mind. If you’re looking for the most feature rich and intuitive gaming lobby application on the market, go ahead and install Discord today. You won’t be disappointed. Read on to find out what it’s all about, how to grab your Discord apk download as well as its key features compared to other applications.

Features and perks

Discord For Streamers

If you’re an avid Twitch user with a decent following, Discord is the perfect place to host and manage that following. There’s simply more flexibility than the Twitch chat window offers. The Discord Streamer Mode is also a neat feature that hides invite codes and personal information is it happens to find its way onto your screen.

Create/Join Servers

Join or create servers on Discord to connect with like minded gamers. There are plenty of public servers for the most popular games, so if you’re a Fortnite fan, go ahead and join the public Fortnite server and chat about your favourite ways to annihilate the competition.

You can also create your own private servers and invite your friends with a unique invite code. You can check how many users are online in your network at any time by moving your eyes to the right hand side of the server dashboard.

Discord For Large Groups

Discord really has the chance to shine when it comes to hosting large groups chats. This is thanks to the ability to have seperate channels with different levels of access when you create a server. For example, in your network you can create seperate sub chats for general discussion, announcements and a dedicated chat for live streaming. This helps you manage large groups more effectively as you can lock chat permissions in certain channels when you are not live, for example.

Discord also has automated admin and moderation tools to help you handle these features without having a single human moderator. These really come in handy when hosting super groups of up to 100,000 people. That’s right, Discords got you well covered.

Discord For Small Groups

Discord excels with large groups. However, it’s still a fantastic choice for keeping tabs on smaller groups. Discord can inform your friends exactly which game you’re playing, to avoid them having to flick through several applications just to find your stream. The VoIP feature can be used to communicate with voice on seperate networks while messaging on your current network. Multitasking at its finest.

Discord For Live Classes

You thought Discord was limited to online game streams didn’t you? Technically though, it can be used for communication during any type of live stream. Among the most popular is live training classes, allowing students to swap notes and key takeaways during and after class. It also allows the teacher or lecturer to address questions raised in the chat for a better learning experience.

Discord Nitro

This is the paid version of Discord that offers some cosmetic updates, but not necessarily extra functions. It goes for $5 a month or $50 per year. Discord have however promised to always keep their service free, so you can expect to rally up and protest if that ever changes. Choosing the premium option allows you to support Discords development and get some neat features like animated avatars.

Aesthetic Interface

One things certain, the Discord interface is damn pleasing to the eye. The colour theme really gives a sense of being part of a unique, exclusive gaming society. Navigating the app is a breeze with the ability to mention other users, share game screenshots, GIFS, emojis and other forms of media. And best of all, not a single ad.

High Performance

Despite what you might think, Discord has very little impact on your CPU and will not affect your game’s performance. Due to its low requirements, you can also run it in your browser. The voice quality during calls is also crystal clear with noise suppression, echo cancellation and other features.

Discord or Skype?

One feature that makes Discord stand out against global communication giant Skype is its ability to run the application in your browser. This allows you to control microphone levels and better manage sound when streaming to a global audience. That being said, Skype and Discord will both get the job done if you’re hosting an epic Minecraft adventure, however, we’re going to give Discord the edge here thanks to this neat feature.

Is Discord Safe?

In general, the gaming community is a welcoming, vibrant one. There are however bad eggs to be weeded out in every community. If you do experience abuse or unwarranted communication, you can block their direct messages. The Safe Direct Messaging feature scans incoming messages for you in case they contain explicit content. Whether you use the function or not is up to you.

How To Download Discord

As we mentioned earlier, Discord is and will always be free. To download the Discord free APK it to your PC or Android device, hit the big green ‘Download’ button associated with this article and join the ever-growing colourful community of online gaming enthusiasts. If you’re using Android, make sure to enable app downloads from third-party sources in the ‘Settings’ section of your device to give your phone the green light to access the file.

So should you install Discord to your device? The short answer is, yes. Discord really was built with gamers in mind. The customization features are impressive and it’s available across multiple platforms. It abolishes tedious chat interfaces and helps you better manage your conversations with extensive customization options. Plus, hosting chat rooms of up to 100,000 users is a mind-boggling feat. It is truly one of, if not the best chat lobby that exists for gaming and live streaming right now. So go ahead and simplify your life with Discord, and spend more time actually enjoying what you came online to do – watch and play games!