You should know by now that here at, we love our photo editing apps. Especially background erasers. Initially, it can be hard to wrap your head around the fact that a photo editing app can be built for one specific photo editing purpose. But when you succumb to it, it’s really quite liberating and efficient overall.

If you’re keen on having a strong social media presence, you will need some quality photo editing apps. You may be trying to build a personal brand or market your latest business venture. Or you might just keep your followers updated with memes for fun. Either way, a solid app that can perform functions to enhance your photos will enhance the reaction from your peers.

So what if you’re looking for an app to simply erase backgrounds and cut out certain parts of the image? In these times of turmoil, advanced tech like Lightroom or Photoshop won’t cut it. All we need is a handy little Android app that was designed with that very purpose in mind. Its name is Cut Cut and it’s here to cut the bullshit and your images in a few easy clicks.

Naturally, the main feature of Cut Cut photo editor apk is its ability to cut elements of photos, but there are a few easter eggs worth mentioning that make this a decent app. Check them out below.

Features of Cut Cut

AI auto selection

This is a smart feature that helps you cut with speed and ease. AI automatically detects borders and snaps to the edges of the image you want to cut. You can then paste it onto different images or backgrounds. Alternatively, use the manual eraser and rub the background away with your finger in a classic manner.

WhatsApp status

Make use of multiple text formats to share custom statuses on WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. This feature adds a little spice to your status, making it that bit more special.


Everybody loves stickers, and Cut Cut recognizes this. Use stickers to add flair to your photos from several categories like Fun, Romance, Cartoon and many more.

Pro photo editor

Use basic editing tools like crop, adjust, rotate, blur and filters. Sharing your unique creations will gain your validation among your peers.

Hunt for

How to use Cut Cut

Here we recommend the best ways to use Cut Cut apk for maximum benefit. Get inspired and use these suggestions. You’re only limited by your imagination after all.

Live a double life

With this app, you can easily crop yourself from boring images and paste them onto a landscape of your choice. Suggestions include Machu Pichu, Everest peak, The Sahara, or any tropical island with blue-ass water and white sand. Uploading these “holiday pics” to your Instagram will make your followers envious and is a solid way to delude yourself. Instagram has no other purpose than to make others believe you live a better life than you do.

Dream body

Ditch the gym and use this app to cut your head and paste it onto the body of a Greek God. This is a surefire way to ensure you never have to lift another dumbbell again. As long as your followers don’t actually see you in person.

Remove an unwanted person

This could be an ex-partner, co-worker or simply an individual you have a seething hatred towards that you want to remove from the equation. Either way, the ties that you once had are gone and the bridges have certainly been burned. This is the natural cycle of life and is completely acceptable. What’s not acceptable however is how damn good you look, only to be soiled by an unwanted presence in your photo. Cut Cut lets you cut cut them right out of there. We recommend you print out the excess background and burn it in a sacrificial ritual for maximum effect.

Make memes

We all love a good meme. Use Cut Cut to jump on the bandwagon and make variations of popular memes or create something more original. It doesn’t matter if they’re from 5 years ago or last week. In fact, we argue the older the better. Yeet.

As you can see, the opportunities for cutting and pasting are endless and can be done on your phone on the way to work or while freefalling from 15,000 feet.

You can find out dozens of apps like Cut Cut on With unique features, PicsArts for Android promises to bring users fascinating experience.

How to install

To install Cut Cut photo app, you’ll need to go ahead and smash that big green ‘Download’ button. Then you’ll either be redirected to an optimal source for downloading the app or be prompted to start an APK file download. In the latter case, you will need to ensure downloads from third-party sources is enabled on your device. Access this from the Settings section of your Android.

The app itself is about 25MB in size and won’t take a whole lot of space on your device. It’s also free to use and eschews paid subscriptions and unnecessary in-app purchases. Once installed, start cutting and snipping your way to better social media posts.

The bottom line

A decent app for cutting and pasting images and making stamps, stickers and more. You can even use it to mock up basic logos that need a transparent background. The added functionality of social media sharing and AI auto selection makes the process that much easier. While it’s not a full-fledged photo editing app, it doesn’t claim to be or need to be. It’s enough to crop your mates face onto hilarious places, which is close enough to magic for us.

For cutting photos and making transparent backgrounds, Cut Cut photo editor app does it as well as the rest. Cut cut has a little over 4 stars on Google Play out of 130,000 downloads, and while it’s not the best background eraser app out there, it gets the job done.