Want to make your phone look cool as a cucumber? Download Color Flash Launcher apk for Android now for free to change the fonts, themes, and call screen on your phone/tablet. This is one of many apps that allow you to customise the look of your Android device, although this one features an impressive array of themes that many other apps can’t match.

The best thing is that you don’t have to root your device to use this app and you can download it for free on the Google Play Store without any hassle. Once it’s on your phone you can go about downloading as many themes as you want.

What does Color Flash Launcher apk do?

The app will do a complete overhaul of your phone – to the point where some users have posted complaints about the fact that it goes a little overkill. It can completely change the way your phone’s home screen, call screen, backgrounds, and layout look.

The list of permissions necessary to activate the app is substantial and this may concern some users – it’s important to read through them carefully and make sure that you’re comfortable giving so much permission away to an app. Some users have explicitly stated that the app essentially takes over your phone.

In fact, the list of permissions is so long that it’s pretty unlikely that you’re not compromising your security to some degree. They include such permissions as read or write the system settings, collect component usage statistics, discover and pair Bluetooth devices, change WiFi connectivity state, access precise location, read the user’s contact data, request installing packages, and clear the caches of all installed apps on the device. It’s no wonder that some people have been a little cautious about the sheer extent to which this app controls your phone.

That being said, if you’re not fussed about having your phone look different to how it did before, or if you’re specifically looking for something to make it unique and stand out from the rest, then Color Flash Launcher might still be something that you consider downloading. If you’re a little more security conscious then you’re probably going to think twice before downloading something that essentially takes a skeleton key off of you to access your device. With just shy of a million reviews on the Google Play Store – most of which are positive – this personalization app for Android certainly has been working for a lot of people.

Should You Download Color Flash Launcher?

If the massive list of permissions you have to give over to the app – 38 in total – doesn’t bother you then a bunch of glittery themes and wallpapers aren’t all that awaits in Color Flash Launcher. You can also clean out useless data on your phone (and probably useful data due to friendly fire, given the look of this app), as well as preserve battery life (even though it has permission never to let your processor sleep and several people have commented that it drains battery like a vampire).

The app claims to be able to save battery life, clean up your phone, boost its performance, and a bunch of other glosy things, however, most of the features that this customization app claims it can provide can be given by an app more tailored to such purposes. For example, it claims it can clean out your phone, yet you could just download Clean Master to do the same job and count on the positive reviews of 44 million people from Google Play. Frankly, the additional features of Color Flash Launcher are at best not worth considering and at worst simply a justification for the app to demand outrageous permissions the likes of which we’ve never seen in any other app.

It’s very difficult to trust someone you’ve just met on the street with your phone, your wallet, your car keys, your address, your PIN number, and your identity details, so if an app asks for 38 permissions, most of them pretty invasive, then it’s just as difficult to trust it.

What’s more, it’s practically impossible to find another review on Google about the app, which you’d assume would be turning some heads if it has almost a million reviews (most of which seem to say either “haven’t downloaded yet” or “about to download”) – could it be that this app is just a front to horde data for a malicious purpose and that most of those reviews have been bought? Maybe – it would be a heavy price to pay, but the fact that we can’t come to many other conclusions means that you must be pretty mad to download it in the first place.

At the end of the day, this app will completely overhaul your Android device, but it will also have enough permission to leave you utterly defenseless in the face of an attack and it will be able to get information on you that you definitely wouldn’t give to your friends, yet alone a random app developer that has nothing about them online whatsoever. Your choice.

Still Want to Download it? Okay, Here’s the Pros

Assuming you’re cool with giving over way too many permissions to an app and in turn allowing it to have more or less unhindered access to your phone, here are the things that you’ll get out of it:


The app has tons of themes, which can make your Android look cool. They’re all free to download and there are some pretty crazy ones on the app that you can use.

Change call screen

Similar to themes, you can also totally overhaul your call screen so when people call you, you’ll see something way more interesting than just a clip art of a phone and someone’s name.


You can also search thousands of wallpapers that will make your phone look better.


Send your expression with an emoji, or ten thousand emojis. You’ll find a massive collection of the little critters here.

The Final Verdict

Even the apps that clean your phone and free up data don’t come close to the permissions that this app requires – and wallpapers? Seriously? That requires ZERO permissions. In our honest opinion, this app is most likely a dangerous scam. The choice is yours, however, it will make your phone look all sparkly and nice, so if that’s your game, then go ahead, otherwise, stay away.