If you’re looking for a new web browser, then why not get one that has all the traditional features, plus a few neat extras for you to play around with. The new browser from Clean Master allows you to download videos from all corners of the internet (except from YouTube) and it blocks ads to ensure you have a faster and more pleasant browsing experience. Try it now for free.

How to Judge a Good Browser

When choosing a new browser, users tend to be most concerned with the speed and security of their surfing. There are also other criteria that are very important when selecting your middle man to the internet – let’s have a look through the traditional ones as well as the more recent expectations from the online community.

Ad Blocker

People now expect their browser to come with a kitted out ad blocker to get rid of banners, pop ups and even ads on YouTube. This is certainly a must-have feature for any modern browser seeing as it not only provides a much more pleasing user-experience, but it also makes the browser run much faster seeing as it no longer has to load all the CSS based ads that consume data and RAM. If your browser doesn’t have an ad blocker built into it then the chances are you can add one on, such as Adblock Plus, which can easily be downloaded from the internet. It’s worth noting that you should have an antivirus security software installed on your device to make sure all your browser add-ons are secure.


Obviously, everyone wants a browser that can keep up with their demands while browsing, preferably even when connectivity is low. This is something that all browsers have been competing to master since the early days of the internet. While some browsers such as Chrome have traditionally dominated this side of the fight, they’re increasingly been overtaken by competitors such as Brave and even Firefox Quantum, who all utilize ad blockers and tracker blockers to optimize speed when browsing. The fastest browsers are now increasingly the ones that follow this route – so if yours isn’t providing this service then you should probably switch.


Of course, seeing as you spend so much time online and so much of your personal data is being thrown around the web like a ping-pong ball, it’s important that it’s secure so that no hackers or trackers can take your personal information for malicious intent. Having a browser that encrypts your data before it leaves your device is a real plus in today’s world, where hackers and online attacks are very common. Try to get a browser that comes with in-built security features such as antivirus, or even a VPN – you’ll be much safer online and won’t regret it in the long run.


Be it on the home device or through the web in general, privacy is becoming a key concern to most online users nowadays. Most browsers allow you to search online in incognito mode, which doesn’t save any of your searches and makes you footprint less visible online, although, for some, this isn’t enough seeing as your internet service provider (ISP) can still see your activities – and so can hackers. Many people are instead opting for a browser that blocks tracking requests from companies or even getting an Android browser alongside a VPN so that their data stays ultra-private. Considering how easy and common it is for someone to attack a smartphone’s browser, these are top considerations on the list when seeking out a new way of surfing the web.

Extra Features

Aside from the four main pillars mentioned above, many users look for specific features built into their browser, such as video downloading capabilities, Google optimization, and customization options. Video downloaders are particularly useful and are becoming more and more popular with new browsers (including CM Browser for Android). This feature allows you to select any video from Facebook, Dailymotion, Vimeo, and many other websites – including adult ones – and then save it directly onto your device. This is a top feature for all those video lovers out there.

Why Download CM Browser App for Android?

Considering the points mentioned above, how does CM Browser from Clean Master compare to other browsers on the market? Well, let’s have a look through it. Firstly, the browser app comes with a built-in ad blocker, which both speeds up downloads and searches and also makes browsing much less cluttered and more visually pleasing. The app is purpose-built for this function as well as its ability to download any video online outside of YouTube (due to Google’s policy on downloading videos from YouTube, they cannot have this feature and be allowed in the Play Store – therefore, they decided not to include the feature). This ability makes it very popular with users who have a penchant for sharing media files, and for those with a thirst for particularly interesting videos online…

The browser is private and secure. It comes with a built-in antivirus software which the Clean Master app was also known for. The browser app has more than 2 million reviews in the Google Play Store, with an average rating of over 4 stars making it a trustworthy app for you to choose. The app warns you before opening websites known for malware, phishing and viruses. It also scans any APK file that you download before you open it, ensuring that you have an all-round safe browsing experience. This makes the app very compatible with modern users.

What’s more, CM Browser for Android allows users to browse in incognito mode, meaning that their search history is not saved onto their device and they can enjoy maximum privacy – even in the event that someone else looks at their phone. The app also deletes your data when you close it, further ensuring that your privacy is protected.

Download CM Browser for Android Free

To get this handy app on your device, simply press the download button at the top of this page and you’ll be taken to the Google Play Store where you just need to press “Install” to get it on your Android device.

CM Browser is free to download and provides a unique and secure browsing experience. Try it now and see what you think.