Phone getting a little slow? Well, that’s a feeling we all know and hate. So much data is stored on your Android device that really doesn’t need to be there. We’re not talking about stuff you’ll regret getting shot of later on down the line, either, we’re talking about cached files from social media apps, backed up activity that doesn’t ever get used, and apps draining your RAM when they don’t need to be.

With the Clean Master space cleaner and antivirus app, you can get rid of all this excess and stop apps from running in the background when they don’t need to be. You can also save RAM and optimize battery life through this means, as well as increase your device’s security with the free antivirus scanner and store photos and other documents in the secure vault that it provides.

With this all in one junk cleaner, antivirus and speed optimizer, you can start making the most of your Android device now – your fleeting Android will be a thing of the past.

How Does the Clean Master App Work?

The app goes into all your apps and clears out junk and residue files that are stored in the cache and elsewhere. These aren’t files you need and they take up a fair amount of space, which in turn slows down your phone’s performance. The app can also go into your SMS messages, call logs, location information and more to clean out unwanted junk messages and files. It will only perform this function if you give it permission to do so, however, so don’t worry about your privacy being infringed upon.

Clean Master explicitly states in their private policy that they will never use your data in any way that breaches your privacy – they only need your permission to clean files and don’t store any of it for themselves. The fact that the app has almost 44 million ratings on the Google Play Store, with the average rating being five stars, is explicit evidence that the app does exactly what it says on the tin and is indeed effective.

Once your phone has been cleared up you can run a speed test to see exactly how much better your device is performing – guaranteed you’ll see and feel that it is now running faster. As far as software apps for Android go, Clean Master battery saver apk is certainly one of the best and most simple.

Optimize Your Games

A great feature of Clean Master for gamers is that it can accelerate the loading speed of your games, allocating them more RAM and hibernating all other apps in the background. In this way, you can play GTA: San Andreas, Minecraft PE, and Shadow Fight 3, as well as any other game, faster and with much less lag. This is for many users the best feature of the app.

By turning off the data consumed by background apps and allocating more for the game while it’s being played, you will notice that Clean Master games booster makes a significant improvement in speed and handling while playing. This is especially useful when playing the many games that have moved over from consoles to Android.

Antivirus and Security

Rated as the top antivirus by AV-Test, Clean Master Antivirus scans the apps you already have on your phone as well as any new ones that you download. It’s a great way to keep your Android secure in a world where malware is as common as potato chips and Android users increasingly install APK files from unrecognized developers.

The app also secures your public WiFi connections and warns you about any potentially dangerous ones. This is a common way to hack into people’s devices and take their personal data, or even take control of the device itself and use it for malicious or criminal activities. Setting up a WiFi signal and making it look like a legitimate one only to attack users who connect to it is a common thing nowadays – in fact, you should go into your phone’s Setting and disable the feature which auto-connects it to available Wi-Fi.

Clean Master Photo Vault & App Lock

This is a great little add on that is common in security apps these days. The photo vault, as the name suggests, allows you to store photos and other documents that you wouldn’t want anyone else to see. You’ll need to enter a PIN code to access the vault so your photos can be kept discreet.

The new version of Clean Master booster app also features an app lock which allows you to better secure the apps on your device such as mobile banking, Facebook and Notepad. Even if you’ve got a PIN lock, maybe your partner or friends know what it is or maybe they can just easily guess. Regardless, everyone has some stuff they want to keep private, so the app lock feature is a useful tool to keep prying eyes away. Consider all the apps that you leave logged in on your device and it’s a pretty good idea, right?

You can also use the App Manager feature to backup your apps and games before uninstalling them, then if you want to get them back, you won’t lose all your data. This is a great feature to use when you want to test out deleting social media apps like Instagram and Twitter.

Boost Your Android with Clean Master

The app is kitted out to improve performance of your phone or tablet. You can also get Clean Master Pro for PC, which costs $29.99 per year for three computers. The Android version of the app is free, although it occasionally features ads and offers in-app purchases.

Download Clean Master for Android to optimize your phone’s RAM and space, improve speed and quality while gaming, and keep your device secure from the many threats that stalk the app world. To install it, simply press the button at the top of this page and you’ll be redirected to Google Play Store. Once there, you can get the app for free and begin cleaning your Android.