Candy Camera apk is at the forefront of photo beautification editing apps for Android. The app allows users to harness a massive list of editing tools to make their photos look as great as they possibly can.

Since Instagram became all the rage, selfies have become an inseparable part of online life. People taking pictures of their face has become the most popular thing to do with a camera in the 21st century.

Wayne Fromm – the inventor of the selfie stick – initially had his creation dismissed as being a pointless piece of junk. His original design went on to sell more than a million units – and that’s not to mention the tens of millions of other units sold by manufacturers who jumped onto the craze around the world.

This is testament to the popularity of selfies – although, there are many who think it’s an annoying fad, and also many stories of the sheer stupidity some have displayed while taking them. Someone even once fell off a cliff while trying to take a selfie over the edge.

Selfie App Revolution

Assuming you trust yourself not to die while taking a selfie, then you might want to consider trying out a photo editing app specifically designed for this style of “photography”. If you’re into the phase, then check out Candy Camera.

The Candy Camera photo editor is different to your average photo editing software – first and foremost, it isn’t just a bunch of present filters that you can swipe through in the vain hope of making your shots look edgy or vintage.

Candy Camera features a diverse range of tools for sharpening your poses. You can adjust your skin’s smoothness and tone, make your eyes bigger and change their colour, change the shape of your face, and even make your legs longer.

On top of this, the app comes with a massive collection of stickers and emojis that you can insert into your selfies to make them more expressive and fun. This is just the tip of the iceberg – the Candy Camera app is a bull blown selfie makeover for your Android device.

Best Features of Candy Camera Beauty Camera

Among the features of this clever little app, we’ve picked out some favourites worthy of your consideration.

Depth of Editing

The Candy Camera editor has so many features that we could write a separate article on them and we still wouldn’t have them all covered. The app has all the tools you’d expect from a regular photo editing app, such as exposure, shadows, contrast, sharpness, and more. On top of this, it also has its own unique collection of amazing tools such as skin smoothing, which is ideal to cover up acne or other skin problems, or whiten your teeth, put on makeup or change the shape of your face, which can be useful if you want to make a particularly striking photo of yourself – just don’t make it too obvious that it’s not you…

Free to use

While other HD selfie camera apps charge you to use them, the Candy Camera app is totally free – this would explain why it has more than seven million users.

Candy Calls

Chat to your friends while you’re editing your photos – Candy calls allow you to look beautiful while chatting to people in real time. This feature is great for those who are put off by being able to see themselves in the phone when talking to their friends.

YumYum Mode

This cool feature demonstrates how Candy Camera is seeking to be more than just a selfie camera. YumYum Mode allows you to apply great filters when shooting delicious food – it also has editing tools specifically designed for use on food.

Filtered Video

One more feature of Candy Camera is that you can make unlimited video with a filter. This means you can record the best moments in your life in a way that expresses the emotion you were feeling at the time and looks great.


Unlike Instagram, where you have to download a seperate app to make collages, in Candy Camera you can do that right from the app itself – no need to download any seperate add-ons.


Once you’ve got your photos sorted, you’re going to want to share them – this can be done quickly and easily in Candy Camera as you can simply share to Facebook, Instagram, and more.


It’s difficult to point out any real downsides of Candy Camera seeing as it does what it says on the tin so well. The app doesn’t claim to offer any features that it doesn’t hold up to. In fact, the app claims to produce great selfies – which it does – but it also throws in additional features like the food camera for good measure. In all, Candy Camera is one of, if not the best selfie camera on the market today .

Take the best selfies

Now that you understand a little more about Candy Camera, you can go about downloading it from the button at the top of this article and get to downloading the best selfies with your Android device. Candy Camera is certainly one of the best apps for this purpose.

With social media nowadays, posting the best photos has an important association attached to it. If your photos aren’t up-to-scratch then your profile becomes less appealing, and less people will follow you. How detrimental that is is entirely up to you to decide – but if you’re someone who values having lots of followers, either for personal or professional purposes, then it’s essential that you have the best quality photos.

Wrapping it up

Overall, the Candy Camera selfie camera is one of the best bets for you to up your social media game. Download it now to see how it improves your selfies and food photos. Upload them onto your social media sites easily and quickly and watch your fan base grow.

The fact that this app is free makes it all the better – while other camera apps charge you a premium fee for these features. Download it now from top1apk and see what you think.