In the world of dating apps, misogyny and careless behaviour are unfortunately a looming presence. Bumble apk is a dating app with a difference – aimed at reducing the amount of toxic behaviour targeted towards women in the online dating world.

With this app, women make the first move – only they can send the first message. This makes the app a more favourable environment for female users, while also promoting a more progressive thinking user base. The app is more popular in cosmopolitan cities, where people tend to use dating apps more in general, but also tend to be more concerned with the issues that Bumble is trying to address.

The app actually creates a kind of win-win for users: Women don’t have to constantly deal with rubbish one-liners from men, and men don’t have to constantly try to think up new, not-lame, one-liners to impress women. There’s an unofficial rumour that Bumble users tend to also be more attractive than those on other dating apps – although that’s difficult to prove. Everyone is happier on Bumble app, see?

A new kind of dating app

If you’re bored of swiping through Tinder, Plenty of Fish, and Badoo, then give download Bumble apk to try something different, today.

Maybe you’ve been going back to the same bar, week in, week out, but you’ve not summoned up the courage to ask out the bartender – well, with Bumble you can forget all about them and start finding way more interesting people in your area.

Bumble manages to be an online dating app without the whole ‘Tinder’ element – it manages to avoid being hopelessly shallow by making it easier and quicker for you to look at people’s profiles while you’re swiping.

Getting deeper than shallow

Dating apps took off when they became more about visual satisfaction and less about connecting people who share similar interests. You could say that’s a sad reflection on humanity, and in a way it is. Frankly, that’s just the way it is – and Bumble doesn’t stray too far from this course. It does, however, provide users with a little more incentive to actually find out some more about people before swiping them away.

The app also features a great interface – similar to Tinder, but more fun to use. You swipe left for people you don’t like, and right for those you do. When you match with someone, a “BOOM!” message comes up, and you can begin talking to them. Thing is, only women can send the first message, and if they don’t send it within the first 24 hours, then the match is lost – forever (unless you have Bumble Boost apk). This stops unwanted matches from piling up, and makes it much easier to focus on the people that you actually like.

The app’s simple interface makes it a pleasure to use while on the go – the layout is bold and simple, with awesome colours and everything is generally focussed on the sole purpose of the service, rather than other random features – like on Badoo…

It could be said that the app is inconvenient for those looking to stack up as many matches as humanly possible – seeing as they eventually disappear – if you’re looking for this, then maybe stick to the other popular dating apps.

Bumble Boost apk

Bumble Boost is the premium version of the app. It allows you to extend the time before your matches disappear by another 24 hours, and it makes you profile more popular in your area, subsequently making it more likely you’ll get more matches.

Bumble Boost also allows guys to let people know that you’ve liked them – although this feature is limited. You can, however, view everyone whos liked you, without limitation – making for immediate matches.

For girls, it allows you to use BeeLine – which lets you see all the expired matches, as well as everyone who’s swiped right on you. This is great if you’re too busy to use Bumble every day, although the feature is somewhat pointless if you regularly check the app.

Bumble Boost costs $9.99 per month, although it is cheaper if you pay for several months at a time – just bear in mind that if you find your perfect match after a week, then having six months of Bumble left will be pretty pointless.

Best features of Bumble apk

Bumble is a unique dating app when compared to others on the market – it’s the only major one to apply the women-message-first concept, and it’s an increasingly successful way to meet new people. Here are some of our favourite features in a nutshell:


Apart from all the uniqueness of the app’s concept, it just looks great. Everything follows a bold and yellow dominated colour scheme, and it generally feels nice to browse. It also puts the focus on the people and feels trendy.

No unwanted matches

The fact that matches disappear after 24 hours stops you from hoarding matches that you’ll never talk to. It makes the whole experience a lot more linear. When you do get chatting to someone, it feels more special as a result of this.


The female-focussed messaging on Bumble sets it apart from other apps, and tends to draw users who are more aware of their actions and how they treat other people. Basically, there’s less assholes on Bumble than on other dating apps.


While with Bumble Boost girls can go back and reopen communication with matches that disappeared, the boys themselves will have no way to bring communication back – it can feel like your chosen one is just repeatedly boarding a plane away from you. The upside is you can just go and get more matches – I mean, do you really talk to the people you fancy when you walk past them in the street? Probably not. So… just imagine it’s the same thing.

One more downside of Bumble is that it has a significantly lower user-base than other dating apps – although there’s still a respectable 22 million active users. Compare this with Badoo’s 400 million, however, and you start to see the picture that Bumble isn’t an app you can expect to use anywhere in the world. This isn’t so much a problem if you live in the West, especially if you’re living in a major city.

The lowdown

Bumble is certainly worth a try, our team are mostly guys and they’re loving not having to message new matches, while the girls are loving the absence of crap chat up lines and pictures of genitalia. Try it out now!