What’s the most important thing you expect when looking at web browsers for Android? Think about that for a moment. Is it speed? Privacy? Security? Google integration? Potential for customization? Your answer to that question will determine what is the most appropriate web browser for you. For example, Google Chrome is great for Google integration, UC Browser and Firefox are ideal for customization, and Brave is good for speed, privacy and security.

With Brave Browser apk, you don’t ever have to see an online ad again. Quite simply, it blocks every single one of them. The same is true for trackers – these are common online, they collect your data such as the websites you visit and what you do on them and they sell them on to improve targeted advertising (or more dubious activities). By blocking ads and trackers, your browser will load pages quicker and you’ll notice that things are laid out in a cleaner and less cluttered fashion.

How Does it Work?

Brave Browser for Android was created by one of the co-founders of Mozilla (Firefox creators) and is built using the Chromium web browser from Google, as well as its Blink engine. The browser is totally free and open source, so any programmer with the right know how can access its source code and try to improve it.

The browser features a built-in ad blocker, which prevents companies from being able to display banner ads, pop-ups, or any other form of advertising on websites while a user is surfing the web. It is common nowadays for internet users to install an ad blocker as an addon to their browser, although these can interfere with their surfing experience as many websites will ask them to temporarily disable it in order to view their content. With Brave, you won’t have this problem, as the software is built right into the browser itself.

When you open Brave Browser for Android, you’ll be on the homepage which tells you how many ads have been blocked overall, as well as how many trackers have been blocked, and how much time you’ve saved waiting around for pages to load as a result of this. One more thing, it also comes with HTTPS Everywhere built into it, which means that any unsecure website you visit will automatically be upgraded to have a https address – this dramatically improves your online security. The homepage will also tell you how many sites have been upgraded to a more secure version.

Home Away From Chrome

Beyond that, the browser works almost identically to Google Chrome. The interface looks more or less the same, with the tabs section and web address bar looking more or less identical. You can open private tabs in the same way as on Chrome, and these will make sure that your history in these sessions is not saved. On the desktop version of Brave Browser, users can enter private sessions via the Tor network, ensuring extreme privacy that is almost impossible to track – unfortunately, this feature isn’t available on Android yet.

Brave also intends to introduce a ‘pay-to-browse’ business model (which is actually where you get paid to browse, not the other way around) which would allow users to make micro-payments to developers they like through the app.

Best Features of Brave Browser


Few other browsers can match the speed of Brave – with no ads and trackers, it’s an extremely efficient way to surf the web.


Trackers and even ads can hide malware that can attack your phone. On top of this, they sell your private data onto God only knows who. On top of this, the https upgrades further safeguard your online experience.


Search in the knowledge that your data is secure, and if you want a more private session then simply open a private tab.


The browser is by far the coolest looking one available. From the lion logo to the beautiful pictures that adorn the homepage (desktop feature), the app looks great.

Open source

Anyone can access the source code and make a better version.


Like most other browsers, you don’t have to pay a penny to use it and never will.


Being built using the Chromium browser, users of Google Chrome will instantly feel at home.

Save Money with Brave

You don’t pay anything for your web browser… right? Well, actually you do. The average person actually pays up to hundreds of dollars per year. When you have a data package, you’re draining your allowance and then paying for the excess when you use the internet too much. Most people are smart enough not to stream videos and use media heavy sites when they’re on mobile data, but ads and trackers also use a huge amount of your data. They drown your allowance and sometimes you can end up spending up to $22 per month for it. Not anymore.

A big part of Brave’s business plan is to save you money when you browse, then to introduce their own ads specifically for content creators and allow YOU to choose if you pay them or not. This is the ‘pay-to-browse’ model that started out in the 90’s but never really caught on. It allows you to earn reward points for browsing and seeing these ads, then it allows you to make micro-donations to publishers and creators that you like and respect. That’s better than shelling out to see ads that are designed to make you feel inadequate so you buy into some useless BS that you’ll never actually need, isn’t it?

We think so. If you do too then we recommend you download Brave Browser for Android by pressing the download button at the top of this page. It’ll take you to Google Play Store where you can install it for free.

With the way that the internet is going, it’s imperative to employ some basic security steps to protect your data and minimize your exposure to shallow advertising. The first step is getting a decent web-browser.