Bloons Tower Defense 5
by makalena

Bloons Tower Defense 5


Bloons Tower Defense 5 is an extremely popular web and mobile game that has also made its way to Sony’s PSP recently. The latest DSiWare edition has completely turned around the original Bloons TD version by marking its debut on the Nintendo platform. It was released in December 2011 by developer Ninja Kiwi. Bloons TD 5 is a tower defense style strategy game that involves an army of monkeys instead of soldiers and pop balloons instead of actual towers. It is available on a wide variety of platforms including Android, iOS, Microsoft Windows, Web browser, Macintosh operating systems, Windows 10 Mobile.


Bloons Tower Defense

Bloons Tower Defense 5 –  Game review

Bloons TD is a simple strategy game, where you build monkeys like an army and then act as the game’s towers. When you upgrade towers they acquire the power to stop wave after wave of balloons. Balloons come forward on a set path and pace. They cannot be slowed down. The game is not difficult and is very different from an action tower defense game. In Bloons TD you can upgrade towers to give them special abilities that can trigger during balloon waves. Some towers can also damage the waves based on where you place your cursor.

Your army of monkeys come in all shapes and sizes and serve as both your pirates and superheroes. Your enemies are the balloons that look harmless and innocent but when they reach the end, your monkeys lose lives. The army of monkeys must battle with the evil balloons and pop them as soon as they see them.

As a player, you must repel all the approaching waves of attacking balloons by placing preventive units of monkeys who have varying abilities, who are ready to shoot and pop the balloons as they progress. As you move up to a new level, the enemy of balloons becomes tougher to deal with. You have to upgrade your defensive units by selecting powers from the menu and place each unit strategically to tackle the onslaught of enemy balloons.


Bloons Tower Defense game

Special Features of Bloons TD 5 You Need To Know About

With the Bloons TD 5, you can build incredibly awesome towers; choose from a wide variety of upgrades; hire brand new Special Agents, and get to pop every single invading Bloons on the game. Bloons TD 5 is considered to be the best ever version of the most popular Bloons Tower Defense Series. Featuring glorious retina displays for iPhones, crystal clear graphics, an all New Tower and Special Agent, Original Tracks, Special Missions, a whole new range of Specialty Building upgrades, and not to forget, the mind-blowing, newly- updated Monkey Lab that upgrades your towers. Bloons TD 5 is packed with exciting and demanding levels and brings hours of entertainment for its fans.

Bloons TD 5 has tons and tons of new features including fans’ favorite towers from BTD4 with over 8 awesome upgrades for each tower instead of for just 4. It also comes with two totally new towers with amazing powers. New Bloon types, challenging levels, fun tracks with cool lively parts and tunnels, impressive Special Agent towers, Daily Challenges, Special Mission and Daily Rewards all packed into one.


Bloons Tower Defens features

  • Here are incredible features you can enjoy on Bloons TD 5 version:
  • 21 Fully Activated Towers with 2 Path Upgrades
  • 10 Brand New Special Missions
  • 10 Special Agents
  • Over 250 New Missions
  • Daily Challenges
  • 60+ Tracks
  • 2 Player Online Co-op
  • New Bloon Enemies, including Regrow Bloons, Tougher Camos, Fearsome ZOMG
  • 3 Amazing Gaming Modes
  • Free Play mode when you master a track
  • 4 new level settings, as well as, family-friendly themes that allow anyone to play

Top Secret Tips and Tricks That Will Make You Bloons TD 5 Pro

Want to become a pro at Bloons Tower Defense 5?

Here we lay out a detailed Bloons TD 5 strategy for you to win and succeed at this game. Just employ different BTD Battle strategies effectively and you win every time.

Make sure you stay online when you play Bloons TD 5, regardless of what level you are on or whether you have completed a level or not, make sure you log in on a daily basis. The trick behind maintaining this active status is that you gain more points when you’re logged in even when you are not playing. You can use that earned money to upgrade your towers and defense units. The best thing about the game is you don’t need to have an internet connection to claim your rewards. Just log in to the game and watch your cash prizes accumulate.


Bloons Tower Defense game tips

Build a great combo on the game, for instance, combine your darting guns and all your banana farms. By doing so, your Monkey Village will instantly go after the Dartling Guns. This village works well with different combos. Keep creating combos and score more points to earn rewards.

Make use of the special bloons when deploying your towers. Each of these bloons has unique properties that make them immune to a great number of towers. Use special bloons one by one when you undertake special missions.

Want some extra cash? Buy Banana Farms. These farms grow bananas which when tapped give you some extra points. You can also earn extra cash by upgrading the Monkey Village to levels up to 3-0.

Knowing these tricks will help you win at Bloons TD 5 and help you earn extra cash and rewards. Try them out today!