It can be hard to put our finger on why block building games have gained so much popularity over the years. But consider the fact that your mind and body are made up of building blocks commonly known as cells, atoms, molecules, DNA. For this reason, we could argue that we have an inherent urge to build shit.

Think about it. Humans have been building homes and structures for a long time. Centuries in fact. Partly for survival against harsh environments and threats of the unknown. But it goes deeper than that. It seems that humans were certainly built to build. From pit huts all the way to mega-skyscrapers, humans have never wavered on their mission to touch the stars with their building escapades.

But what exactly drives us to this extreme? Although shelter was a motivator back in the days of primitive man, the general consensus is out: we did it all simply “because we could”. And long will we continue to do so.

Now we’re not all destined to be world-renowned architects, nor do we have the intelligence or capacity let alone the drive to achieve such feats. We can, however, satisfy this deep biological itch to build using building simulator games. If ever you were a fan of lego as a child, block craft 3d the game promises to deliver endless hours of construction madness.

Not only are games of this nature a lot of fun, but they also help develop problem-solving skills by using materials for function. In fact, because Minecraft became so popular in this regard, they actually released an education edition to help kids along in the learning process.

So what is block craft 3d simulator all about?

Block Craft 3D

Put simply, it’s a free 3D city building game. That’s it. You just build cities. Construct castles, mines, spaceships, landmarks like the Eiffel Tower and much more. Plenty of capacity to build your own city exactly how you see fit.

Block Craft 3D is free and boasts your typical sandbox pixelated graphics that users seem to love so much. Hell, you can even adopt animals if you so wish. And just when you thought you were limited to cats and dogs, think again. You can adopt a god damn elephant. Is this necessary? No. Does it enhance the amount of joy you’ll get from this game? Debatable. It’s a feature nonetheless.

Take the game to another level with multiplayer mode. This is your opportunity to build cities together with your friends or simply help them in constructing theirs.

Block Art 3D building game doesn’t have any monsters posing a threat to your kingdom, so you can focus solely on building and not having to fight for survival. This game is all about thriving for the creative by building epic cities. And fret not, if you aren’t particularly creative you can always visit your friend’s cities for ideas and blueprints for your own.

A particularly neat feature is the ability to create custom blocks, furniture, and building blueprints. These can then be sold within the game for gems to further your cause. And the best part? No mods, PE or launcher needed. Create and customize everything from your smartphone.

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How to play block craft 3d

Build coin-earning structures

It’s common to run out f coins quickly at the beginning of the game as you opt for buildings that earn you experience points. Instead, you should initially focus on buildings that earn you coins such as workshops and houses. If it turns green after you’ve built it, this indicates it’s a construction that’s gonna bring in some sweet sweet cash. Gems can be also be purchased in the game or earned by watching short ads videos. The game can be enjoyed without the need to invest in these in-app purchases, however.

Out with the old, in with the new

Don’t be afraid to knock down your older buildings in place for new ones. If you’re tight for room and could put more productive buildings there instead, do it. But be smart with your space utilization and face buildings adjacent to each other if you have to save room.

Reach higher areas

To reach higher areas in the game, simply use building blocks as platforms to step on. Build them below your feet so you can jump and land on them, then ascend to higher areas. Whats’ the benefit of this? I’m not sure but there is one.

Build faster

In addition to the above tip, you can also build faster by tapping with another finger while a building is already in construction. This will turn ghost blocks into real blocks and can exponentially shorten building time.

How to install Block Craft 3D

Click ‘Download’ located at the top of this review to be redirected to Google Play where you can download Block Craft for free, without any risk of adware or malware. Just note that this game requires Android 4.0.3 and above to operate and is roughly 54MB in size.

The bottom line

Overall, Block Craft 3D building simulator is a vast and rich world of creation that’s suitable for adults and kids. It’s honestly not far from the ever-popular Minecraft in terms of gameplay and content, and it can be a valuable tool to aid your child in the learning process. Learning is not only about analyzing, but also allowing creativity to flourish in a safe and nurturing environment. Block Art offers a chance to be innovative and look for solutions to life’s most pressing problems – like how you’re going to make enough money to pay for your pet elephants education.

Being free, we can’t see any reason not to download Block Craft 3D apk and start building cities today. The only thing you’ve got to lose is precious hours that could be used for something productive. 50,000,000 people have already downloaded it, and you should be one of them.

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