Bigo Live – the hottest live streaming app in Asia – live stream your special moments, live talk with friends regardless of distance and watch hot videos.

Introducing Bigo Live, one of the top grossing social apps on Google Play. Available in 191 countries with over 200 million downloads from Google Play Store alone, is a video streaming social network that seems to be generating a lot of hype. It allows you to stream your special moments live and chat with your friends via video call. The company is set up in Singapore and have honed a passion for connecting people all around the world.

Bigo is a live social networking app predominantly used in South East Asia. It is a cross-platform app compatible with numerous platforms such as Android, iOS and more. Bigo Live Web is available on Windows Phone and Windows PC. Considering the app hasn’t been around for as long as the likes of Japanese app Twitcasting, it gained huge traction in the first six months of release and hasn’t slowed down much since. The fact that the app allows users to earn real money by trading virtual currency is a unique concept partly responsible for its popularity.

Read on to discover some of the sweet features Bigo has to offer and grab your Bigo Live free APK for your Android device.


HD Video Calls

Connect with friends around the globe using high definition video call technology and never miss another precious moment.

Free Voice Chat Rooms

Join chat rooms for free and have endless fun with your friends. SIng Karaoke, play Truth or Dare or simply just chat the day away.

Video Filters & Stickers

Modify your face and video with the latest in augmented reality stickers and filters. Transform yourself into an adorable feline friend or a bamboozled baboon. You’re only limited by your imagination.


Challenge fellow Bigo Live users to a duel with an abundance of games such as Ludo, Snakes & Ladders, Sheep Battle and more.

Watch Game Streams

Watch the pros play Minecraft, League of Legends, FIFA, GTA and tons of other big name games live from your Android device.


Tap into video streams from users who are broadcasting near your location.


Discover fellow Bigo users and live streamers via hashtags, country, and region. The database of Bigo live users is huge.


Chat with friends and strangers alike using Bigo’s built-in text messenger system.

Video Match & PK

Start a live stream, add a title to it and wait for random Bigo users to join your stream. Match with strangers and make new friends around the world using PK. Filter users by common topics of interest such as politics, geography or technology.

Awesome Gifts

Send virtual gifts such as roses, supercars, and castles to show your appreciation.

Earn Real Cash

Become a Bigo superstar and build your fanbase. When fans shower you with gifts during streams, redeem them for real cash to earn easy money. As you gain popularity as a streamer, your gifts are converted to beans. The current bean exchange rate on the app is 210 beans for US$1.


Login into Bigo daily earns you experience points to upgrade your level. You can also gain experience by watching broadcasters and sending gifts to other users. The more you upgrade, the more valuable the label is attached to your account. HIgher levels and labels help you attract more attention from fellow broadcasters and viewers. Reaching high levels, Bigo will also shower you with pendants as a reward.

Social Media Connect

Link your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google account, YouTube or phone number to your Bigo Live app. We recommend connecting your phone number to secure your account. Just note if you have connected your Facebook to your Bigo account, every time you go live and broadcast, Bigo posts the link to your Facebook wall. So make sure you’re comfortable with this automatic posting system before connecting.

Invite Friends

With the Guest Live feature, you can talk live to anyone. Just invite your friends to co-live stream your broadcasting.

The Bigo Live app is extremely rich in features and will take some time to get to grips with all it has to offer. We recommend downloading and spending some time playing around with it to get the most out of it. The interface is intuitive and easy to use, with an abundance of options for discovering new friends and Bigo influencers.

Bigo Live Web

As a Bigo Live Web user on your PC, you can telecast live videos to the world anytime, anywhere regardless of your location. Bigo Live Web is mainly used to share live game streams with other users, but it can be used for any sort or online virtual event or gathering.

Is Bigo Safe?

With any video streaming app, there may be concerns about safety and privacy. Bigo moderates all live broadcasts for vulgarity and inappropriate behavior, so you can rest assured any such users violating their safety policy will be blocked. They also give you the option to hide your location, hide your nearby status and hide your recent active time if you simply don’t want to be found by other random users. Feel free to block any fellow user in the settings section of the app.

How To Download Bigo Live For Free

To download your free Bigo Live APK on Android, simply click on the link at the top of this page and your download will begin automatically. For Android users, make sure you have enabled “Allow Unknown Sources” in the settings section of your device. This ensures your device has permission to download applications from third-party sources such as top1apk. Once downloaded, sign up for your free account using your Facebook, Instagram, Google account or phone number.

Get Streaming

As we venture ever further into a mobile and digital era, users are always on the lookout for the latest in video technology to craft and maintain friendships around the world. Bigo Live is a welcome addition to the ever-growing list of video tech, so download your Bigo APK free today and connect with the rest of the world using this powerful, rapidly rising social platform.