If you’re a fan of binging Storage Wars, then this is the app for you. Bid Wars: Pawn Empire puts you in the front line of auctions around the world. From the US to London to Moscow, you can outbid your opponents for precious items with massive value. You will bid on storage items and then sell them for a profit in your pawn shop. This is more than just a game, this is an education in how to turn other peoples junk into premium cash. Dollar bills, y’all.

The strategy game allows you to turn a run down family business into a major player in the pawn shop world. You’ll take your character on a journey from rags to riches in a tense storyline that sees you bidding around the world and drawing customers from all walks of life into your business. The richer and more notorious you become, the more friends you will make – and the more enemies.

Your rivals will go lengths to sabotage your business and take away your profits into their own pockets. You’ll have to meet their challenges with everything you’ve got to stay on top. Once you’ve become a city-wide sensation, you’ll have to fight to keep your territory intact.

How to Rise to the Top in Bid Wars

First things first, you’ll need to get your shambolic business in order. Get the bills paid on time and make enough to keep your head above water. Then sail your way out of the storm by attending storage auctions and bidding on items that you think will sell in your area. Once you’ve got the goods, you can arrange them in your store to sell them and turn enough profit to start growing your ambitions.

Just like in the classic TV series Storage Wars, you’ll spend a lot of time looking in storage units and deciding what’s junk and what’s not. You’ll then have to outbid your opponents on the items that you decide are worthwhile. But be careful, the guy selling the lot has just as much to gain as you do – so make sure you don’t end up overpaying for something that’s useless.

One thing to note about Bid Wars: Pawn Empire is that the AI has unlimited funds, whereas you’re relying on your monthly turnover to make your bids. Knowing when to back down and fold is as important as being able to outbid your opponents. Sometimes it just isn’t worth it.

Best Features of Bid Wars: Pawn Empire apk

Now that you know a bit more about this awesome game, let’s take a closer look at some of the best features.


The graphics look good in Bid Wars: Pawn Empire. The characters are all in 2D and the objects as well, but this style suits the game. You’ll easily be able to pick out what looks valuable in the storage auctions and the town you’re living in looks the part for a pawn shop empire. Overall, the graphics will certainly be the first thing you notice about this game. They really help to add to the character of the whole experience.


This sort of comes under graphics too, but we feel like this deserves its own recognition. The design of the characters is brilliant. They’re not just some generic add-ons – they look exactly like who you’d expect to see in a storage auction. Slimey fat cats in suits, old ladies with street smarts, young lads with face tattooes, and well-to-do suburban couples. The style is awesome and the level of detail is a really nice touch that makes you feel like you’re interacting with real people who have real stories.


The game is like a ground-up crash course on how to run a business in the world of pawn. You’ll learn how to negotiate a good deal and how to choose the best items to purchase. Separate the tat from the treasure and learn from your mistakes about what sells. Arrange your shop in the best way to draw attention to the items you most want to sell and make sure that you’re making enough at the end of every month to carry on your business. As you grow, you’ll be able to expand further and run your business like an empire.


Build new stores in your town, secure new outlets through clever deals, and attend more and more storage sales to keep things coming in. The bigger you get, the more enemies you’ll make, so be careful to have your back covered at all times because people will try to trip you up.


What would this game be if it wasn’t for an awesome collection of items to gather in your shop? The list of items in Bid Wars: Pawn Empire apk is massive, so you won’t have to worry about boring repeats or the same old rubbish being bidded on time and time again. Find rare artifacts, useless treasure, antiques, and more. You never know what someone might throw out into storage, there are some real treasures out there.

Areas for improvement

No game is perfect and Bid Wars: Pawn Empire isn’t either. There are some areas where the game could be improved. First of all, the AI has unlimited funds, whereas you’re relying on your monthly turnover from the business to keep selling. While we’re happy for that last bit, it would be a lot more intense if the AI was also desperately needing to win bids, rather than just aimlessly throwing cash at them – not to mention it would be more fair.

The game also features some ads, which is to be expected seeing as it’s free. There are also some in-app purchases to be made on certain items that require real money. You can easily play the game without having to spend any real money though and just consider those the items that got away. There’s no need to part with your hard-earned.

Download Bid Wars: Pawn Empire APK Free for Android

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