When throwing the term ‘bed wars’ around, one isn’t sure what to say or think. But in reality, the act of trying to get yourself into the bed of a member of the opposite (or same) sex is a condition we’re all plagued with. Considering the need to reproduce is deeply ingrained in our biology and psyche, it only makes sense that somebody would develop a game that seems to revolve around this sacred act of consummation.

But in fact, Bed Wars in this context isn’t what you think it is. To win this innovative game, one must destroy the opponent’s bed rather than slide into it. The game was developed by Blockman Go and follows the same gameplay style and graphics as the ever popular Minecraft. But don’t let the pixelation fool you, this game is as intense as they come. After all, our bed is the one place we seek solace after a long day. The entity that sucks us deeper into its embrace of during those cold winter mornings, making tackling the day seem like an impossibility.

Defend your bed and your honor in Bed Wars! For we shall no longer accept the desecration of such blessed and hallowed objects of worship. Do not let your bed fall victim to the onslaught of 3D pixel men with their little pixel pickaxes.

If these words have left you confused about the actual premise of the game, fear not. Read on and all shall be explained. By the end of this review, you will already have added Bed Wars APK to your device.

What’s it all about?

This is a great question. One that riddled us, the answer eluding our grasp as we attempted to come to terms with what the hell this game is actually all about. But it’s quite simple really. Bed Wars is a PVP game created by Blockman Go in which players must collect resources and essentially destroy the bed of the opponent.

Each game consists of 16 players that are divided into 4 teams of 4. Everyone player will spawn on a different island with a base and of course, a bed to protect. The bed is of utmost importance because as long as the bed still exists a player can be reborn after dying. Guard it with your life.

Each island produces resources such as gold, silver, diamonds etc. Collect these items and exchange them for equipment to further your attempts at total bed annihilation. Use resources to gather even more resources on the main island and position yourself as a dominant force on the map.

When you have a reasonable amount of resources, build a bridge to a neighboring island, swoop in and destroy their bed in one clean swoop. Kill the bed and the opponent, ensure your team is the last surviving, and you will taste victory, my friend. When a bed is destroyed, the opponent will no longer be able to regenerate and will be on their last life. This is your opportunity to go for the kill shot.

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How to win BedWars

One must prepare themselves sufficiently before charging into battle. Locate a brick, iron and gold spawner to start producing these resources. Brick is the least valuable resource in the game, but still worth collecting to build bridges to neighboring islands.

Gold is the most valuable resource but is hard to find. It can only be located somewhere in the center island. And guess what, you’re gonna need some bricks to get across there.

Spend your gold in the ‘Shop’ in exchange for weapons and armor such as Pickaxes, Bows, and Potions. With the right items and a bit of finesse, you can be victorious in your first ever game of Bed Wars. Last man standing wins!

How to install Bed Wars APK

To get started on the death match of a lifetime, all you need to do is hit the big button that says ‘Download’ at the top of this page. This will promptly direct you to Google Play where you can download the game free of any malware or intrusive adware. It’s also a good chance to read the reviews and see what others are saying about the game. Reviews are mostly positive with some hilarious accounts of users being attacked by their own teammates in an act of mild cyberbullying. But alas, one can’t enter the realm of Bed Wars without having some grit about them. Time to man up and hold your own. Protect not only your bed but also your honor.

Despite the basic graphics, Bed Wars game requires Android 4.1 and above and will take roughly 80MB of precious memory up on your phone. But the icing on the cake – it’s totally free.


The concept of the game is quite unique, and for this reason, has acquired a number of loyal fans that partake in epic battles of the beds on a daily basis. It’s obviously extremely reminiscent of Minecraft in gameplay and graphics, but this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. There’s nothing wrong with taking something that works and replicating it, as long as the premise is original. Which it is in this case.

Bed Wars gives us a whole new appreciation for the one thing that is always there to comfort us through the night – our beds. When your bed becomes your last hope of survival, the bond between it and man grows ever stronger.

So there you have it. We believe this is a game worth playing no doubt, and we won’t put it to bed until you’ve installed it. So go ahead and download Bed Wars apk right now. We are of course, as always, working of the assumption that you have nothing better to do with your time.