With so many people snapping selfies all the time, it’s difficult to make one yourself that really stands out – especially if you’re having a bad day. Well, not anymore, with BeautyPlus apk for Android, you can take selfies and edit them to look amazing with minimal effort. You can choose from tons of preset filters, apply fun and cute stickers (including some with a Christmas theme) and use the editing tools to reshape your face, change the tone of your skin, the shape of your eyes and brighten up your smile. Try it now to make your selfies as best they can be!

What to Expect from a Great Photo Editing App

While there are tons of selfie apps and photo editors for Instagram out there, finding one that really makes your photos unique isn’t as easy as you’d like to think – especially if you’re not looking to spend any money. There are some features that really make a free selfie editing app worth your download, let’s take a closer look at them.

Editing Tools

Of course, if you want to spice up your selfies, you’ll need a photography app with lots of great editing tools. These can include skin smoothening, face reshaping, eye enlargers, hair colour options and more. The best selfie editing apps provide these basic features, but they also allow you to dig deeper to make you look the best you possibly can. Maybe you’re in the perfect place for some selfies, or you really want to share a cute photo with someone you like, but you’ve got some spots on your face that came up the night before, or it’s windy and your hair looks like a neglected hedge – not to worry, with a good photo editing selfie app, you can simply brush over the nasty details with detailed touch ups and make yourself look like you would on a good day when you’ve put time into doing yourself up for a night on the town. Look your best all the time with a great selfie photo editing app.


While editing tools provide you with the weapons you need to make yourself look better, filters can provide a more macro function by making the photo itself look great. Oftentimes, the selfie camera on a phone isn’t as powerful as the back camera and as a result the pictures don’t look like the would if they were in HD quality. This can be resolved by applying a great filter to make the photo look vintage or more vibrant. There are tons of filters to choose from on the best camera apps, so you don’t have to worry about being stuck for choice. There’s nothing to compliment a great photo more than a great filter – you can also optimize them even more by increasing the overall brightness by around 50% as this makes the colours more vibrant and gets rid of subtle shadows that make the photo quality appear lower than it ought to. Try it out now.

Sharing Options

You’re probably taking selfies to be able to share them on social media or through messaging, right? So, it makes sense to have auto-sharing options built into the selfie editing app itself. This adds another level of convenience that you don’t find in the default camera app on your Android. Simply go onto your finished photo and select “Share” and then you can post it to Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp and more with ease (assuming the selfie app for Android supports this function, which, if it doesn’t makes it a sub-standard app).

Live Edits

The ability to edit your photos as soon as you take them and even before you’ve taken them adds another level of control over your photos. Choose a selfie editing app for Android that comes with this feature as standard and you’ll be impressed by how much more control you have over the final result. Assuming your selfie app doesn’t have this feature, you can still edit it after, but you might then find that you’re not happy with the result. Therefore, it makes sense to be able to see how your photo will look before you’ve even taken it to ensure your pose and background suit the editing options and filter perfectly.

Why Download BeautyPlus for Android?

Considering the criteria mentioned above, how does BeautyPlus for Android measure against other apps of a similar nature on the market? First, the BeautyPlus app for Android comes with tons of editing tools, which makes it one of the most popular selfie editing apps on the platform with more than 3.5 reviews on the Google Play Store (and an average of over 4 stars). The app allows you to change the shape of your eyes, lips and face, as well as change skin tone, smoothness and hide blackheads and other unfavorable features. What’s more, the app comes with a ‘Magic Brush’ which allows you to make magnified detailed edits to small areas of the face and elsewhere – this gives it an almost Photoshop level of detail and makes it the perfect choice for those looking to construct the perfect selfie.

Assuming you’re not that into spending ages tweaking your pictures, you can rely on the more basic foundation editing tools combined with a good filter. The app comes with a lot of unique filters that rival those on Instagram and VSCO. You won’t be disappointed when searching through them and you can capture the atmosphere that you desire by using the right one for the moment.

On top of this, BeautyPlus APK for Android comes with easy sharing features so that you can quickly post your edited photos to social media and send them in personal messages. The app has worked with well-known makeup artists and beauty gurus to ensure that its editing tools and filters capture the best of your features while subjecting any less attractive ones. Like a Mongol horde, BeautyPlus will destroy your blackheads and blemishes to create a perfect shot worthy of anyone’s screen time.

The app is very popular with more than 300 million monthly users, making it a trustworthy source of beautification for you in your busy little life.

How to Download BeautyPlus for Android Free

To get this top-notch selfie editing beautification app on your Android device, simply press the download button at the top of this page and you’ll be redirected to the Google Play Store where you just need to press “Install.” The app contains some ads (although, they’re not annoying or invasive) as well as in-app purchases. That being said, the free version is more than enough to satisfy most casual users. Try it out today for free. Happy snapping!