There are a bunch of different photo editing tools out there with a range of functions and features that would make even the most adept graphic designer spiral into a bout of madness trying to choose the right one. But what if you’re simply looking for an app to perform one function. One basic element of photo editing, such as background erasing. In cases like these, Photoshop simply won’t suffice. We have neither the time, energy or finances to justify investing in such software when we need but only one function performed. Luckily, there are a heroic bunch of developers out there that stepped up the demand and created an app specifically for the purpose of erasing backgrounds from your photos. Its called..wait for it… Background Eraser! But before we get into the long list of features of this app, let’s look at some reasons you might want to use Background Eraser apk to crop your photos.

Crop your head

Ever wanted the body of a Greek God? Now it’s possible. Use this tool to precisely crop your head from your body, and place it onto a new one. One that looks like it’s been chiseled from granite over centuries by Donatello himself. Getting the body of your dreams sounds like a good New Years resolution to me. Just don’t dare step foot in a gym when such wondrous technology exists.

Remove an ex

Sometimes our best photos are part of memories we would rather forget. You’ve been caught at your best angle, and you just look too damn good to throw the photo in the junk. There’s just one problem, your ex is still lingering in the picture, reminding you of how they’re still actively influencing your life by ruining your best photo. Use this app to remove yourself from the equation and superimpose yourself on a beach in Tahiti with a Pina Collada in hand.

Climb Everest

I’m not talking about flying to Nepal and following Sherpas on another white privilege life-threatening expedition to the peak of the worlds highest, most treacherous mountain. Instead, take to Google and find the crispest photo of Everest’s peak you can. The use Background Eraser APK to cut yourself out and plonk yourself on top of the world. Your friends will undoubtedly believe you achieved this feat, fear not about that.

Place a parsnip

This is always fun. Find an HD parsnip – the most comical root vegetable, but that’s another article – and use the app to cut it out and place it in your friend’s mouth. Never before has such comedic acts of genius been this easy.

Mess with Mona Lisa

The opportunities for this one are endless. You could put your own face on the timeless piece of art Mona Lisa. Or, you could put Mr. Beans soggy noggin there instead. Your minds running wild with all the possibilities right now isn’t it?

Nicholas Cage

Anything with Nicholas Cage’s face on it gets a thumbs up from us.

This is an application for cutting pictures and for making a picture’s background transparent. The resulting images can be used as stamps with other apps to make a photomontage, collage.

Now that you’ve got some inspiration for what you can do with this illustrious app, let’s look at the lengthy list of features.

Features of Background Eraser

  • Erases backgrounds from images
  • Auto-mode: Automatically removes similar pixels from pictures
  • Extract mode: Select and erase objects which you want to remove accurately, by using blue & red markers.

Remember folks, if you want to perform any of the above-recommended edits, it’s important you accurately remove the background and make it transparent. Because the sole focus of this app is to do just that, Background Eraser app simply does it better.

Is it actually any good?

After downloading the app and playing around with it, I found myself entertained for hours on end. A whole world of photoshopping possibilities opened up to me as I continually cropped my head onto various items and images. The functionality of the app is great and erasing the background can be done accurately enough. Usually, when cutting images with other apps, your finger tends to obstruct the view of what you’re cutting, leading to a sub-optimal result. Background Eraser intuitively erases with a marker that sits about 1cm above where your actual finger is, and you control it from there. This makes for a much more accurate cut.

The app also lets you undo any mistakes you might have made in the process, like cutting too close to the object you’re cropping etc. The Magic Mode also works similar to the lasso tool on Adobe Photoshop, meaning it will automatically snap to the edges of your image subject and cut it pretty accurately without having to do it 100% manually. You can repair and restore sections where you went wrong, and use the zoom tool to cut with the utmost precision. Overall, my expectations for this app weren’t super high, but after using it first hand, it will definitely stay in my repertoire of photo editing apps. Background Eraser for Android has 4.5 stars out of 350,000 downloads, and reviews are mostly positive.

Installing Background Eraser

We thought you would never ask. To download this whopper of an app, just hit that big green ‘Download’ button at the top of this review to get the ball rolling. Once you have downloaded and installed the software, the best way to get to know what you are dealing with is hands on. Open the app, play around the features and figure it out as you go. The interface is pretty intuitive and we’re confident you’ll pick it up in no time. If not, I’m sure your best friend Google can supply you with a definitive answer.

The bottom line

In terms of cropping photos and superimposing them in hilarious places, this app will do you no wrong. Whether you’re making quick logos or anything else that requires a transparent background, use Background Eraser application. Why? Because it was literally designed for that, and only that.