Virtual worlds are the future of gaming. It all seemed to have started with Sims gaining huge traction back in 2000. There was something oddly entertaining about building your own avatar, home and performing seemingly mundane day to day activities. It was the pioneer of sandbox gaming, with players able to live out any life that existed within the realms of the Sims universe. The freedom to customize your character however you pleased was probably the most important aspect of the game, and despite the lack of fantasy, it was wildly popular – although it’s hard to pinpoint exactly why.

Ultimately, the freedom gave players a chance to live another life, one perhaps they couldn’t obtain in reality. We all want to escape occasionally, often wishing we could assume the life of another person in a different place and time. Players could get their dream job, build their dream house, start a family, then lose it all in a blaze after burning their dinner. Despite it clearly being fictional, there was an aspect of relatability to The Sims that contributed to its success, becoming a phenomenon because of the literal and figurative nature of the game.

This was the stepping stone into a vast and rich array of online virtual role-playing games that are in development today. We tout these games as the future because of the synergy between them and advancements in technology. We are on the cusp of virtual reality becoming so advanced that it will nearly be indistinguishable from real life. When we reach this point, don’t be surprised to see humans going under for months at a time, escaping to a computer-generated reality while being fed and hydrated through tubes. There is no doubt that this is an inevitability and an interesting time to be alive.

One game that looks to be blazing down this path is Avakin Life 3D, an online role-playing game that lets you create avatars, build homes and socialize through chat with other players in real time. It’s a vibrant virtual world with tonnes of possibilities. Let’s look at some of the features of the game, how to get avakin life apk and what it means for the future of simulated reality in our lives.



Configure your avatar with custom hair, eye color, figure and more to create a virtual “you” or a new identity completely. Craft your own style with fashion items with endless opportunities to express yourself. This is your chance to be the person you’ve always dreamed of.


The social aspects of this game make Avakin Life 3D shine. Meet new people from all over the globe, chat with them, go on dates and even fall in love. Discuss topics of interest like politics and shopping just as you would in reality, and of course, make all efforts to impress them with your virtual fashion sense. You can also take pictures and selfies with of your avatars and share them online in a strange cross-over of realities.

Customize your style

Expressing yourself has never been this easy with a slew of options for outfits, accessories, branded clothes, tattoos, and much much more. This is your chance to become a model, fashion star or pop icon.

Dream home

Avakin Life lets you build your dream home with enjoyable 3D graphics. Go modern, classic, Beverly Hills style or live in a humble shack and invite your “friends” over to enjoy the space together. Who knows, maybe even bring back that special someone and see where it takes you. Anyone can build an impressive home, but the sweet talk is up to you.

Is it worth it?

You may be asking yourself, why would I bother playing such a game, I have a great life? Well, we argue that your life in Avakin Life – 3D virtual world will be considerably better, so let’s not try to pretend otherwise. There’s something inherently satisfying about escaping to a place and person you would rather be. This game allows you to be whoever you want to be, and it can be done from your phone at the office or on your commute from work. With it you can:

  • Create a better life and a superior YOU in the virtual space
  • Meet and chat with thousands of other players and form intimate bonds
  • Rock the look you’ve always wanted but could never afford
  • Act the fool in an attempt to become the center of attention without consequence
  • Hit the club, beach and other events that you don’t have the time or resources to in reality
  • Discover the amazingly vast and beautifully designed world of Avakin Life 3D

Installing Avakin Life on Android

If you’ve been here before, you know the drill. But in the case that you’ve stumbled here by chance, allow us to break it down for you. To install Avakin Life the game on your Android device, simply hit the big green ‘Download’ button associated with this review. In order for this to happen, you’ll need to make sure downloads from unknown sources is enabled ion your phone. Access these permissions from the Settings section of your Android. Once complete, open the downloaded APK file and press install. The only thing left to do is create the most obscene avatar to ever grace the world of Avakin Life.

The bottom line

The bottom line is, this game is a whole lot of fun, especially if you’re terribly unhappy with your current state of being and want to escape to a world of endless possibilities. Avakin Life 3D is kind of like having a vivid dream of a life you always desired, only instead of waking up in tears upon the realization it was a dream, you can just pick your phone right back up and keep playing.

Download Avakin life android right now and get a headstart on your new life because we’re damn sure if you don’t, you’ll be left behind when the Matrix-like wave of virtual living ensues and we take to our VR pods for weeks on end to escape the reality of just how bleak things has become.