What is it about shooter games that we love so much? It certainly feels like they trigger a chemical release in the brain that makes us feel good. Shooter games have been on the rise for close for a few decades now, with particular popularity across Xbox and PlayStation devices. In 2011, shooter games accounted for 38 percent of all console game unit sales. We expect this number to have risen even more dramatically by now.

Because of the popularity of loading up and spraying bullets into our enemies, developers continue to release such games at an alarming rate. But what exactly is it about them to draws us in so much, sacrificing hours at a time taking aim and unloading on our foes? Some speculate that it fulfills some sort of adolescent male fantasy of power? Or is it another deep psychological urge they hit so accurately?

Let’s take things way back for a moment, and transport back through space and time to the very first video game ever made – Spacewar! The game was developed in 1962 and was, in fact, a shooter game of sorts. Two spaceships, engaged in an all-out dogfight, attempting to destroy each other with pixelated ray guns and torpedos. This is a testament to the true nature of the types of games we inherently enjoy. After all, the first game in existence wasn’t a farm simulator. Albeit they were played on computers the size of industrial grade washing machines, the fascination with destroying each other with guns was just as strong back in the ’60s as it is today.

The genre of shooter games has undoubtedly become more complex, with meandering storylines, realistic graphics, and enhanced gameplay, and while women enjoy them, the main appeal lies in the hearts and minds of men. “Being ready to fight is an expectation of manhood,” says sociologist Ross Haenfler, the author of Goths, Gamers, and Grrrls. It may be a case that young men feel they have something to prove or are making up for inadequacies by hurling grenades and an equal amount of verbal abuse at other online players. Regardless, it’s difficult for most men to live up to that idealized version of masculinity portrayed in shooters. Video games provide a space to safely engage in virtual violence.

The next step in the evolution of online shooter games lies in the realm of mobile devices. With graphics and capabilities continually improving, more and more developers are creating stunning shooters that would blow your old 007 Goldeneye PS1 graphics out of the water. We’ve truly come a long way in mobile game development. So what is Armed Heist? Read on to discover the key features of the game, why it’s worth downloading and how to install Armed Heist APK and fill that void of masculinity today.

What is Armed Heist?

If you love taking part in action-packed epic crime sprees, Armed heist is the game for you. After all, this game is all about robbing banks and armored trucks and promises to bring high levels of addiction to your bleak, cold world. The world of crime welcomes you, with over 70 challenges to complete that would have you spend a lifetime in the penitentiary if you were to carry them out in reality. The aim is to complete the missions, in turn becoming a ruthless thug and crime lord.

A large part of the game is outsmarting and outwitting your opponents. Do this by utilizing different masks, weapons, character level ascension and unlocking new gear. This is the beginning of your life of virtual crime. There’s no turning back now.

The CRIME MAP offers a huge range of dynamic hit jobs, and players are free to choose
anything from small-time jewelry store robbery’s, to big-league heists of major bank vaults. As you progress throughout the game, jobs get tougher, jackpots get bigger, and heists get more rewarding. Climb the ranks to earn more cash and become a legendary criminal overlord. Use your progression to customize your weapons and create modified guns that would make the Yakuza quiver in their slippers.

Key features

Crime Map

Use this map to pick and choose from available jobs, all way from small-time hits to big boy heists, in an epic 3D environment.

Weapons & modifications

With over 30 unique weapons to choose from, pick your favorite and take to the streets on a criminal rampage. From snipers to assault rifles to compact SMGs, there’s a gun for every type of shooter. Modify them sights, grips, barrels and much more to improve the firing power and accuracy of your weapon. You can also make aesthetic upgrades with a variety of skins.

Dynamic scenarios

The beauty of this game is that every heist and scenario will differ depending on how you play it. No two jobs are the same, with each as engaging as the last.

Is it free?

The game is of course 100 percent free, with the option for in-app purchases to buy weapons and make modifications as needed. However, we have found the game can be thoroughly enjoyed without spending a dollar.

How to download Armed Heist to Android

As with all APKs on our site, the download and installation process is a breeze. Hit the big green ‘Download’ button located at the top of this review to start your download automatically. Bear in mind, you will need to enable downloads from unknown sources to go ahead with this. This gives your phone the green light to download apps from other sources that Google Play.


If you’re a fan of shooters, or crime based games like GTA, you will undoubtably love Armed Heist for Android. The premise for the game is simple, but the dynamic nature of the tasks combined with stunning, immersive graphics makes it stand out from the rest. Armed Heist will test your reflexes and tactical skill. It may even fill that itching desire to go and rob your local convenience store clerk at gunpoint.
At the end of the day, if you like third-person person shooter games, you will fall in love this. Download Armed Heist for Android today.