If you’re looking to revamp your Android device and make it look awesome, then Apex Launcher is a great way to do so. Having a custom installed launcher for Android is probably the best way to ramp up your device. It gives it a unique homescreen and allows you to seamlessly arrange your apps in an efficient manner.

There are tons of launchers available on the Google Play Store – some of them are very famous and used by millions of people, while others are less well-known and are only used by a small sub-set of Android users. Apex Launcher sits somewhere in the middle. For a long time, it was considered one of the best launchers for Android devices, although when they released Version 4 these opinions took a turn for the worse.

The fourth version of the launcher was buggy and wiped some users custom settings, prompting poor reviews and a lot of negative press. Since then, Apex Launcher has updated once more, this time taking a step back to essentially the same format as version 3. While the developers openly admit that it still might crash from time to time, they’re working to make it more stable and regain the fame and admiration that they had before.

What is Apex Launcher APK for Android?

Apex Launcher APK overhauls the main interface of your Android homescreen and app folders. It changes the way that the OS on your device looks, giving it a more sleek and minimalist feel. In many ways, it’s similar to the iOS interface in that the apps can be arranged into folders by long pressing them and dragging them over each other. These folders can then be named in order to arrange all your apps in a more efficient manner.

The app icons on your homescreen will appear as circles, rather than squares, which makes them look much more smooth and integrates them into their surroundings with less mess.

You can also set custom themes to your background, which makes your phone look more professional and less cheap and cluttered as Android devices often give off that vibe. With Apex Launcher for Android, you can choose which themes to apply to your device. If you’d rather have something more classic Android, then you can. If you’d prefer something modern and sleek, then go for that instead. The options are varied and can suit the tastes of most Android users.

What’s more, you can choose to hide apps that you don’t use so that they don’t clutter up your homepage. What’s more, you can add a password to stop people from opening them if they’re using your phone. This also adds another layer of security for if your phone gets stolen. People can find out a lot about you from your Facebook and Gmail accounts, so having these apps password protected is a good idea. Also, if you have to enter the password every time you open the app, then you might use them less, which will make you more productive.

You can also use the gestures feature to quickly open apps with just the swipe of a finger. You can backup and restore all your work to ensure that nothing is lost and that you get things done quicker in the future. No more being lazy with Apex Launcher.

Best Features of Apax Launcher APK for Android

Now that you know a bit more about this cool app, let’s get the magnifying glass out and have a closer look at some of the unique features that it has to offer.


With so many unique themes to choose from, Apex Launcher for Android allows you to make your phone look the way you always wanted it to. Now you can choose from multiple looks to spruce up your phone and make it look better than those of your friends. What’s more, you can edit the settings to change small details like the shape and size of app logos and more. Very few other apps give you this much in the way of customization options.


If you’re looking to spend less time faffing around doing what needs to be done, then this is a very effective app to make the simple things less frustrating. Arrange all your work apps in one folder so that you know exactly where they are and don’t have to spend time looking for them while you could be getting something useful done. You can also activate the gesture feature to open a specific app just by swiping a certain pattern on the screen. This is a great way to quickly open exactly what you need and not have to stand there for ages searching through everything. This is easily one of the most useful features of the Apex Launcher APK for Android and can be used for everyday apps or work-related ones.


Make little changes to your layout and get rid of the tools that you don’t want to use. You can apply fancy transition effects and more to make your phone truly yours. If you want an Android that is unique to you, then Apex Launcher is the way to go.

Room For Improvement

As mentioned before, this used to be considered one of the very best Android launchers on the market, although with version 4 they lost their stride and they have received a lot of negative press since. Now that they’re moving back to the version that made them so popular in the first place, we think that Apex Launcher is about to have its second coming. We suggest downloading Apex Launcher and giving it a go – if it’s not up to scratch in your opinion, then you can always uninstall it and try again later.

Download Apex Launcher APK for Android Free

If you want to get all this and more on your Android device, then simply press the download button at the top of this page. You’ll be taken to the Google Play Store where you can install the latest version of Apex Launcher for Android totally free. Give it a try today. Enjoy!