When it comes to sheer image editing capabilities, nothing trumps Adobe Photoshop. But what if you’re looking to quickly edit photos and create designs on your Android device? Enter Photoshop Express, the software from the Adobe family of products that promises the best of Photoshop bundled neatly into an easy-to-use app. Adobe has dominated the world of image-editing technology for years now, so the release of Adobe Express was long anticipated by many enthusiasts. But is it worth the hype? Read on to find out all about this app, its features and benefits, and how to download Photoshop Express to your Android device for free.

What is Photoshop?

Unless you’ve been shying away from all things technology, living under a rock these past two decades, you’ve definitely heard of Photoshop. It’s the solve-all solution for photographers and designers alike, being flexible and fairly easy to use. But behind every great piece of tech lies a story, and Photoshop’s tale began back in 1987 when Ph.D. student Tom Knoll wrote a graphics application in a Macintosh Plus. It was originally named Display and can be considered the father of Photoshop if you will. It was Tom’s brother who saw the application and convinced him to turn it into a photo-editing tool.

Adobe bought Photoshop in 1989, which would change its destiny forever. A year later they released Photoshop 1.0 which included retouching and digital color editing at a cost of $300. Year after year, Adobe continued to make improvements to the program, adding new features and adjustments. By 2003, Adobe were industry leaders and saw huge success in Photoshop campaigns, they decided to launch a range of creative products know as the Creative Series. Fast forward to present day and Photoshop remains the number one image editing software on the planet. Photoshops success was down to its innovation and continuous evolvement. Now, they’ve stepped into the world of smartphones, releasing a bunch of editing tools on the app store. Photoshop Express was one if such ventures, and offers a compact version of the popular software with an easy-to-use, intuitive interface for editing photos anywhere, anytime, all with a few swipes of your finger.

A metric ton of creative folk use Adobe Photoshop Express, one of the greatest photo editor and collage makers on Android for easy and powerful editing on smartphones. Let’s explore why it’s so popular by walking through some of the features unique to this app.

Photoshop Express key features

Photo editor

Basic editing: Functions like cropping, straightening, rotating your photos can be done ins a few clicks with basic adjustments. You can also remove red eye easily.

Auto-Fix: Adjust contrast, white balance and fiddle with exposure to create the perfect lighting with one-touch adjustment feature.

Blemish removal: Brighten up those faces and remove dirt and acne from your selfies or portraits.

Corrections: Brighten up those selfies or photos with sliding clarity controls to alter contrast, highlights, shadows, exposure and much more to create a more vibrant image.

Filters and Looks: Turning a photo into artwork has never been easier with the choice of more than 80 pre-defined styles. You control the intensity of each effect for the most realistic looking photo art.

Watermark photos: Watermark your images to protect them with custom text and graphics

Photo Frames: Add a neat, personal touch to your photos with over multiple frames to choose from. To have a harmonious look, combine the color of the border with the color in the image.

Raw photo support: Import and edit images in RAW format

Easily shared: Share to your social media in just a few clicks: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more.

Image resizing tool: Use this option to resize an image before saving it to your device.

Collage Maker

  • Create a photo collage in seconds with the photo grid function
  • Choose from a wide variety of grid layouts
  • Hold, drag and drop to swap the position of photos, pinch to zoom in or out, drag the handles to resize.
  • Add a new image or change it for another one using a simple selection
  • Change border color, width, and thickness
  • Print your edits directly from the app

Additional features

Filters with one touch: Get more filters for unique looks

Noise Reduction: Remove grain in photos and unwanted speckling from low light images

Defogging: Reduce the amount of haze and fog in images

Perspective Fix: Correct photos with skewed perspective with a simple click. Pick from auto, horizontal, or vertical perspective corrections.

Photoshop Express also supports a wide range of file format:

Photo: PNG, JPG

Raw files: Raw compatible files include cr2 (CANON), arw (SONY), erf (EPSON), , 3fr & fff (HASSELBLAD), crw (CANON), dng, raf (FUJI) and more.

Installing Photoshop Express on your device

Hit the green ‘Download’ button located at the top of this review to get started in the installation process. Of course, make sure you have downloads from third party sources enabled on your device. You can access this from the Settings section of your Android device. Once downloaded, open up the application and get editing to create unique and stylized photos.

The bottom line

As far as photo editing apps go, Photoshop Express is decent and worth your time to download. With over 1 million downloads on the Play Store alone, Adobe has pulled no punches in making sure they live up to their name as experts in image manipulation technology. And long may it last. While it may not be as rich in features as the likes of PicsArt or VSCO (which can be downloaded in the apps section of this site), it still holds strong in its ability to perform basic editing functions with the unique advantage if being able to handle nearly any file type you throw at it.

Photoshop Express by Adobe is completely free to use and might be the solution you are looking for. We hope you enjoyed this review, and are ready to get started with this free Photoshop Express apk. Happy editing folks!