Are you a fan of PDF files? If not, then you probably should be. This clever little document not only makes all your files look the part, but it also provides a level of security that means that no one can edit your documents without leaving a digital footprint. This has led to the PDF being the standard format for legal documents, as well as being used by government departments around the world.

If you’re sending PDF files back and forth, either for professional or personal use, then you’ll need an app on Android that can easily open and annotate them. This is where Adobe Acrobat Reader APK comes in to play. The app is purpose designed to open, read, and edit PDF files.

Why Use a PDF?

There are actually many reasons to use PDF files that most people don’t consider. They’re not just limited to professional scenarios either, although a great bulk of them could be placed into this category.

First of all, if you’re planning on sending out a CV and cover letter, then using a PDF format will make you appear more professional and it will make the document look better. Often times, companies will save CV’s into a database and they’ll convert them into PDF format before doing so – this means you’re saving your potential employer some time so they already have a favorable opinion of you. On top of this, PDF files can be zipped easily, meaning they take up less space in an email. This makes sharing documents easier for everyone involved and is ideal for reading them on a phone.

Next, if you’re sending sensitive information like identity cards, medical documents, or tax records, then PDF files can be password protected. This ensures that your sensitive data cannot be used against you by someone who may have intercepted your email. Even if someone were to gain access to your account, they still couldn’t open the PDF files containing your personal information. This is a great way to securely send documents back and forth.

On top of this, even if someone does look at your PDF file and make edits to it, it will leave a digital footprint. It’s impossible to edit a PDF without leaving a footprint. The only way this can be done is to screenshot the PDF and then make a separate file – the thing is, if you sent this file to someone then you’ll still have proof of the original email in your sent items, meaning you can always show the original version. This is why PDF is the go-to format used by courts around the world to ensure that legal evidence cannot be changed. It’s also the reason why most governments around the world use PDF format to send documents back and forth. There are many reasons why PDFs are the superior format – security and professionalism are chief among them, although there is more still.

PDF files are zipped and thus take up less space on your device – this makes them ideal for Android devices, where you don’t want some word documents eating into your precious leftover disk space.

Why Use Adobe Acrobat Reader apk?

Now that you know a bit more about the PDF file in general, let’s have a look at Adobe Acrobat Reader and see why you should definitely have this productivity app on your Android device to help you access and annotate PDF files.

Open PDF files

If you’re sending PDFs back and forth, then it helps if you can actually open them. Adobe Acrobat Reader is the official PDF reader app for Android by the famous Adobe company. This is the company that started the PDF, it makes sense then to use their app to open them. You can guarantee security and efficiency with this app and it doesn’t take up much space on your device.

Annotate PDF files

What’s more, you can easily annotate PDF files on your Android with Adobe Acrobat Reader. This doesn’t mean that you can make unchecked edits. It means that you can place sticky notes around the file to make notes and edit suggestions. This is ideal if someone is sending you a document from work and wants your professional input in a way that looks great and is easy to use. Keep track of all your suggestions in a sleek and professional manner with Adobe Acrobat Reader apk for Android.

Fill in PDF forms

Isn’t it annoying when someone sends you a PDF form to fill out and you have to print it off, fill it out in pen, scan it, and send it back to where it came from? Those days are over if you use Adobe Acrobat Reader. The app allows you to seamlessly fill out PDF forms on your Android device, saving you a load of time and some trips to the library if you don’t have a scanner (who has a scanner at home, anyway?).

Share PDF files

You can also easily share PDF files via a number of platforms directly from within Adobe Acrobat Reader. This means you don’t have to save the file and open it in another app to share it. This is a useful little tool that saves you some more time – especially if you’re a busy bee who’s always sending documents back and forth at work. Basically, Adobe Acrobat Reader is built for your convenience in every way possible.

Sign PDF files

You can also draw your signature directly in the app – this saves you having to print forms off and scan them and allows you to do a genuine signature with minimal effort.

All your files together

Find all your PDF files in one organised place. No more running around in your documents trying to find stuff.

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Download Adobe Acrobat Reader apk for Android free

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