Who hasn’t downloaded a free app on Android? They’re so common that it’s hard not to use one every now and then. Obviously, there are major apps that rely on advertising such as Facebook and YouTube, as well as Instagram and Tinder – these apps contain ads, although they’re not as invasive as smaller apps that rely on ads that capture your full attention for some time. These apps are often games or movie and video apps and they generally can be purchased outright or subscribed to for an ad-free experience. That being said, how many people really want to pay for every procrastination-inducing Android game they play for a total two hours of their lives?

Enter: AdGuard APK for Android. This is an intuitive app that cannot be found on the Google Play Store (for obvious reasons). It blocks all ads in all your apps and browsers, meaning that you no longer have to see ads in YouTube, in Android games, while surfing the net, or even while listening to Spotify Free. This sounds too good to be true, right? It isn’t. Of course, to get this app you’ll have to find it outside the Google Play Store, but we’ll get into that in a moment.

How Does AdGuard for Android Work?

While most other ad blockers are limited to blocking content ads in browsers, AdGuard for Android takes a more versatile approach and blocks them across your whole device. It does this by working in VPN mode and attaching HTTPS tags to websites, overruling the ads and making them disappear. This is a very neat way of freeing up your device from advertisements and it doesn’t require root access (in contrast to most other ad blockers of this calibre).

As the app runs as a standalone and functions by activating a VPN, you will also have your data protected from potential hackers – although, it ought to be noted that you can only run one VPN on your Android device at any given time, thus any other VPN you currently have will have to be deactivated when you install AdGuard for Android.

AdGuard for Android – Free and Premium

The app comes in two forms: free and premium. The free version is limited to web browsers, and while it does an excellent job of removing ads from them, it does not enter the app sphere. You’re probably not using many browsers and if you care at all about ad blocking then you’re probably already using a browser like Brave or Firefox Focus which come with in-built ad blockers and tracker blockers as standard. This makes the free version of AdGuard for Android somewhat pointless. The free version can be picked up in the Google Play Store for free as AdGuard Content Blocker – it has an average 4 star rating with almost 18,000 reviews.

The premium version is where the magic really is. The version of the AdGuard apk for Android uses a VPN constantly and runs all your data through a secure, encrypted line. It also blocks all ads in apps on your device. This means that you can watch videos on YouTube without being interrupted by ads and you can play games on your Android without those mega-annoying ad screens that forces you to play another game – even if only for a few seconds. These ads are extremely intrusive and annoying and while it’s fair enough that the developers need to make some money for their efforts, sometimes it feels like they go too far – especially when there are still ads in the games and apps after you’ve paid for them. That’s just unfair.

Other Features of AdGuard for Android

Alongside the obvious ad blocking features of AdGuard for Android, there are many other great functions that protect your privacy and security. Let’s have a look under the hood.


The app runs a VPN and automatically blocks trackers on the internet – including analytics collectors who would steal your personal information and sell it on to third parties. This is increasingly becoming a strong concern of many people in the online community, especially after the Cambridge Analytica scandal involving Facebook. With AdGuard APK, you can browse and use your apps safe in the knowledge that your personal data is secure and not up for grabs by any sneaky corners of the internet.


With your data out of the prying eyes of trackers and hackers, you can guarantee your own security while online. Seeing as AdGuard APK for Android runs on a VPN, even if someone managed to get ahold of your data, it would be encrypted meaning they wouldn’t be able to read it or do anything whatsoever with it. Everyone should have a VPN, but make sure to check the legality of running one on your device in the country you’re in – some countries (China, for example) have made it illegal to use one.


This is actually an obvious calculation – seeing as ads are usually heavily animated to grab your attention, they tend to require a lot of data to load onto the page. By cutting them out, you’re also saving on all that loading time. This means that in the long run you’ll start to notice savings on your monthly data bill. Save money and avoid ads at the same time. Hurray!


At the end of the day, your device is YOUR device, not AdGuard’s, nor anyone else’s. That means that you can go into the settings and change your ad filtering preferences at any time. You don’t have to block everything if you don’t want to. For example, if you like a publication or a content creator and they rely on ads to fund their continued content creation, then you might want to unblock ads for this particular site so that they can still get their ad revenue and continue to produce stuff that makes you smile. Just a though to consider…

How to Download AdGuard for Android

To get this great app on your device you can do two methods. The first is to go onto Google Play Store and search for AdGuard Content Blocker – this is the free version that only blocks ads on some browsers and doesn’t change anything for apps – it also lacks the secure features of the premium version.

To get the fully-featured version of AdGuard for Android, just follow the link at the top of this article and the APK file will download onto your device. You’ll have to go to Settings > Security > Allow Unknown Sources if this is the first time you’re downloading an app outside of the Play Store. Once the file is downloaded, open it to complete the extraction. Make sure that you have an antivirus on your device to scan any APK package your download online (including from us) for extra security. Once it’s done, you can purchase the pro version and away you go!