This one is for all the penny pinchers out there. The Android app enthusiasts who want to explore all the wonderful features premium Play store apps have to offer but can’t justify the expenditure. Ever wanted to use features promised in an app only to be met with a payment gateway? Or played a great game only to find out its pay to win? You’re not alone. Not only that, there’s a huge number of apps developed and shared on third-party marketplaces that never make it to Google Play, and they’re still worthy of your time.

There’s an app for just about anything these days. The right apps on our devices can enhance our lives, streamline our tasks and keep us connected better in a world that’s rapidly moving in faster than we can sometimes comprehend. On the other hand, the sheer amount of completely useless apps available on the Play Store can be frustrating too. Not to mention that nearly every decent one now requires a premium to access its full features. But what if there was a haven where you could access thousands of apps, some of which require paid subscriptions, all for free? The legends are true. Such a place does exist and it goes by the name of AC Market.

Let’s walk through what makes this app so great, along with how to install ACMarket apk latest version here for free to start enjoying the perks of cracked, patched apps and MODs.

What is AC Market?

To put it briefly, AC Market is the best Play Store alternative that we know of to date. As mentioned above, it’s a one-stop shop for cracked apps, MOD apps, and games. Many of these aren’t available on Google Play. And many of them are but are paid apps. AC Market allows you to download these premium apps for free as APK files, so you don’t need to stress about breaking the bank anymore for your VSCO Cam. Paying several times over for apps can be an inconvenience, to say the least. See what you can nab for free at AC Market.

The developers of AC are dedicated to providing the best apps entirely for free, on a safe and secure platform. It is compatible with Android and Windows operating software and is easy to use with a simple interface reminiscent of Google Play. No chance of getting lost during your late night walk around this market.

Sweet features

Simple UI

The design of AC Market is very similar to Google Play, with users able to download by category and number of downloads via a friendly interface. You’re sure to feel at home with a design that is familiar and homely.

One click download

No need to open the app details anymore. Use One click download to directly install your apps without signing in or registering an email. Just press the download button on the app information page.

Premium apps

Paid features and premium apps are a thing of the past with AC Market. Apps like Spotify Premium APK, Pandora, photo editors and more are available for free.


Modified, patched and cracked apps are like cocaine, elevating the heart rates of Android junkies the world over. Modified games take advantage of Androids unique flexibility and can bring a new level of enjoyment to games that would have bored the socks off you previously. Unlimited lives for games and free cash points are just some of the perks you can enjoy with MOD APKs.

Free apps manager

This feature lets you access all your previous downloads and install them directly from here to save you time and trouble. Often we delete apps to clear room on our device. Download them again easily from the apps manager.

Intuitive menu

The menu is user-friendly with dedicated sections for apps, games, books, MODs, profile, search and more.

Install AC Market

  1. Click on the green download button to grab the AC Market APK file
  2. Then, go to your devices security settings and search for ‘Allow app installations from unknown sources’.
  3. Enable it by ticking the box
  4. Once your APK file is downloaded, open it and press and install
  5. Open AC Market and search for the best free apps and games

How to download free apps in AC Market

Use the search bar to find apps by name or simply browse the homepage where you will see recommended, featured, pick of the day and more. Use the one-click download feature in the form of a green button to download instantly from the homepage. The top menu also categorizes apps by MODs, games, apps, and books for your convenience.

Note, these are APK files, so will need to be downloaded and installed in the same way you install AC Market. Make sure you enable downloads from unknown sources in your phones settings section. Then, when your APK file has downloaded, open it and press install. The APK file can be deleted after to save space on your device.


In our opinion, there’s no better marketplace alternative to Google Play than AC Market. The developers put real time and effort into ensuring users have access to apps that are not only free, but in a safe and secure environment. Millions of users worldwide testify to its trustworthiness and are infinitely happy with no longer having to pay a premium for their favorite apps and services. And although AC Market is in competition with some big names like Amazon, AC Market has built a fan base because of its huge catalog of free modded, cracked and patched apps.

Go ahead and download ACMarket APK Android right now and experience the best apps and games Android has to offer together in one place. What have you got to lose?