8Fit apk for Android – Home Workouts for All Levels
by makalena

8Fit apk for Android – Home Workouts for All Levels


Going to the gym can be intimidating for those who haven’t done it before. It can also be intimidating for those who just aren’t in good shape anymore. Those first weeks can be grueling and you might feel like you’re never going to catch up with your would-be trainer who drinks protein shakes 12,050 times per week.

But relax, you don’t need to start in the gym. In fact, it’s best not to – especially if you plan on lifting some weights. First, you should get your body used to regular doses of resistance based exercise and just used to being more active.

This is where 8Fit comes in to play. The app has been designed to ease you in to your new workout habits without turning you off from the start. What’s great is that this app isn’t just for beginners, if you tell if from the start that you’re used to exercise then it will give you advanced workouts from the get-go.

How does 8Fit apk work?

When you first open the app you’ll be required to tell it some basic information, such as your weight, your target weight, whether you’re looking to lose fat or build muscle, and how much exercise you’re used to doing per week.

With this information, the app will designate you at a certain level. Beginners will start in the warm-up phase where exercises are very easy and more about learning basic forms that will come in handy later on down the line.

Each workout lasts no longer than 20 minutes, so you have no excuse not to fit it into your day. In the early days the exercises aren’t intensive and this is ideal for overweight people or those with undeveloped muscles. The idea is to do the workouts every day and slowly build your way up to a more challenging pace.

Each level takes a couple of weeks to complete and there are various stages to get through, all the way up to extreme workouts for pros.

8Fit best features

The app is very dynamic and can be used at various levels. The free version gives you access to the basic exercises, while the pro version allows you to access special targeted muscle exercises as well as a full yoga course and nutrition plans.

BASIC WORKOUTS: The app has all your basic workouts covered and these are all free. This means that you can do your 20 minute workout every day without needing to subscribe or part with any cash. These exercises are great at getting you used to what you’ll bump into in a workout or martial arts class and this will give you the confidence to later attend such classes. It will also teach you a lot of the terminology that you’ll later hear in the gym and this will stop some confusion later on down the line. The 8Fit app is perfect for the novice trying to get into shape and turn a new chapter in their life.

TARGETED WORKOUTS: These aren’t free, you’ll need to pay for the 8Fit Pro version to access them, however, you might soon find that this is something you’re willing to do if the basic workouts have noticeably changed your weight or muscle mass. Targeted exercises include singling out your arms, legs, abs, back, and more to really try to build the muscles in these areas. This is something that is best done once you’ve already built up a base level to excel from.

YOGA: Working out isn’t all about lifting weights and making yourself sweat. The benefits of yoga compliment the benefits of working out by giving you more balance and flexibility as well as more awareness of your body and how it works together to execute an exercise. With the 8Fit app, you can do a full yoga course that will give you a basic knowledge of the ancient practice which you can then confidently take with you to a more professional yoga studio. Yoga isn’t just for women, either, most male MMA fighters and other male athletes now do yoga to help them in their respective sports.

NUTRITION PLANS: Getting into shape is 80% what you eat – whether it be to lose weight or build muscle, nutrition is ultimately the most important thing. Your body needs whole, healthy, nutritious foods from which it can extract all the nutrients necessary to promote healthy weight loss and muscle growth. But knowing what to eat for this can be a real challenge – this is where 8Fit Pro really becomes a useful investment (nutrition plans aren’t available in the free version of the 8Fit app).

With a proper nutrition plan, you can confidently tackle your workout regime and know that you’ll see the results you want in the time that you want. There are various nutrition plans on the 8Fit Pro app which are tailored towards your specific goals. You can also create your own custom one if you’d like. Remember: nutrition is the most important thing when getting into shape and with more than 800 recipes on 8Fit Pro, you’ll be sure to find something you like.

SUPPORT: Finally, it’s worth mentioning that the app is there to help you each step of the way with hundreds of video tutorials, detailed explanations of how to do each exercise, and countless options to change up your meal plan. They also have an active customer support network in case you run into trouble with the app.

Download the 8Fit app to see a new you

Change starts today. If you’ve been putting off getting back into shape for years, then don’t worry, millions of us also have, but today that changes. Simply follow our link to the Play Store to get the app now. Enjoy!